In the intimate city of Trondheim you are never far from adventure. Rockheim, Solsiden, Nidaros Cathedral and Munkholmen are just a few of the experiences that await you.

Whether you are a visitor or a tourist in your own city: below you will find tips on what you should see and do in Trondheim this summer.


Rockheim, the national visitors’ centre for pop and rock, is Norwegian pop music’s collective memory. The centre is already a major success and appears to be growing into Trondheim’s most exciting cultural attraction. You will find awesome technical installations there, and historical gems that will take you back to the right era and the right atmosphere.

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Pirbadet Water Park

At the Pirbadet in Brattøra you will find heated pools, water slides and therapeutic pools, all of which are accompanied by a fantastic view of Munkholmen through extensive panoramic windows. Here, the whole family can relax, play and tend their weary bodies after a city tour or a sightseeing ride on city bikes.

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Korsvika, Ladestien and Ringve

Starting at Korsvika in Lade, you have an area of diverse natural surroundings at your disposal within a relatively narrow radius. From the wonderful bathing and barbecue area in Korsvika you can wander along the specially adapted Ladestien trail to Sponhuset, an old Swiss-style villa from the 1800s, where you can have a bite to eat and something to drink. It is only a short walk from Sponhuset to Ringve Musical History Museum and Ringve Botanical Gardens, which also offer exciting activities for young and old.

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City sightseeing on a city bike, shopping and gallery tour

Round about in Trondheim you will find 12 bicycle stands with altogether 125 city bikes for hire. This is a great way to explore the city’s many galleries and shopping areas, while at the same time getting some exercise and familiarising yourself with what the city has to offer. Should you wish to take part in an organised sightseeing tour, you can join Sykkelguide on one of their guide bicycle tours that visit both historical and more modern attractions.
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The Olav’s Festival and the Trøndersk Food Festival

This year’s Olav’s Festival will be arranged between July 28 and August 5, and the programme is packed with national and international performers and entertainment for the whole family. As always the historic market and jousting tournament in the area around Nidaros Cathedral are on the agenda, and are very popular events. From August 2 to 4 the Trøndersk Food Festival will be arranged under the auspices of OI Trøndersk Mat & Drikke (Food & Drink). This is a three-day food festival where local manufacturers come to Trondheim to present the most excellent of local food from Trøndelag, both in the form of individual ingredients and ready-made meals.

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Solsiden – Restaurants and shopping

Trondheim’s “Solsiden” is an oasis of cafés, bars, restaurants and shops, and is teeming with activity from early May to late September. You can get everything here from gourmet meals to a basic lunch, and the diversity of street life is entertainment in itself, with celebrities and the man in the street in perfect union. Should you wish to go shopping, there is a wide range of opportunities at your disposal in the near vicinity, and yet thirst-quenching drinks and comfy sofas are never far away.

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The boat ride to Munkholmen, just outside Trondheim, takes about a quarter of an hour at the most, yet even so when you get there the city seems far, far away. You will find bathing spots here, picnic lawns, cafés and guided tours of historical buildings which, across history, have acted as a jail, a place of execution and a monastery.

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Nidaros Cathedral

Norway’s national shrine in Trondheim is the destination of pilgrims on a par with Santiago de Compostela, Rome and Jerusalem, and attracts ever increasing numbers of pilgrims who walk along all or part of the Olavsleden trail. When visiting Nidaros Cathedral you can join a guided tour or explore the cathedral on your own. If you are lucky someone may be practising playing the organ, or playing an organ concert when you drop in – a wonderful experience. The western facade is also worth a study. You will find a large number of detailed statues there, of which many have well-known faces. Can you, for instance, find Bob Dylan?

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Fishing: trout in the surrounding countryside and salmon in the River Nidelva

When in Trondheim you will never need to go far for magnificent outdoor adventures. The surrounding countryside called Bymarka is only a short distance from the city centre, and here you will find fishing lakes with, amongst other things, excellent trout and char. Using one and the same fishing permit, you will have access to no less than 27 different fishing  lakes. If you prefer salmon fishing, the River Nidelva is home to one of Norway’s best stocks of big salmon, and almost every year salmon weighing over 20 kg are caught.

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