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Rockheim – The National Museum of Popular Music

Rockheim is a museum with a difference, leading you on a tour of Norwegian music from the 1950s to the 2000s. Here you can listen to, read about and have fun with music and interactive exhibitions. A visit here is guaranteed to evoke memories, whether you are 25 or 55.

Nidaros Cathedral (Nidarosdomen)

Many people feel that Norway’s national shrine, Nidaros Cathedral, is a place they simply have to visit when in Trondheim, and this is not without reason. Work on Nidaros Cathedral began in the year 1070, on the burial site of King Olav the Holy. The stained glass windows, sculptures, façade and the history of it all, make Nidaros Cathedral a sight everyone should see.

Ringve Music Museum

Ringve Music Museum is a special museum dedicated to music and musical instruments, and is a keen promoter of the history of music. Ringve is also a museum of tomorrow, dealing with many new musical trends in a multi-cultural and modern Norway. The music museum, summer residence and botanical gardens are, together with the amply stocked museum shop and the Tordenskiold Kro tavern, among the things you should be sure to visit when at Ringve.

The Ladestien Path

Ladestien is an approximately 8 km long path leading from Ladehammerkaia Quay to the shore at Grilstadfjæra. On their own separate hills in the Ladestien landscape, we find the Lade Gård, Ringve Gård and Østmarka Gård estates. A number of remnants from the War can be found along the path, including the remains of underground chambers, the foundations of gun emplacements and adjoining passageways. With its romantic Swiss-style winter garden, the tavern called Vertshuset Strandheim, or Sponhuset, is idyllically situated on the Ladestien path and is well worth a visit.

Ladeparken Park

Trondheim’s newest recreational area is called Ladeparken, a park covering an area of 16,000 m2. Here you will find miniature fountains, a pavilion, climbing frames, stepping stones in the water, and lots more that make the park an exciting place for young and old.

Lian Restaurant

Catch the world’s northernmost tram, the Gråkallbanen, from the city centre to Lian Restaurant. While taking in the marvellous views and scenic surroundings, you can enjoy a combination of local fare made with spices and techniques known from international cuisine.


Bakklandet, on the River Nidelva, is Trondheim’s “old city”, and has been inhabited since the early 1600s. Here you will find small, colourful wooden buildings clustered together, many of them housing cosy cafés, good restaurants and exciting designer shops.

Tyholttårnet Tower

Tyholttårnet tower is 124 metres tall and here you will find, amongst other things, Egon, Trondheim’s only rotating restaurant. From the restaurant there is a fantastic view of the whole of Trondheim, and in the course of an hour you can see the entire city while enjoying your meal.

Kristiansten Fort

Kristiansten Fort was completed in 1684, and is located on high ground overlooking Bakklandet. The grounds, with restaurant Kommandanten, several fortifications and a spacious park, are a popular destination among Trondheim’s inhabitants.

Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum

Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum is one of the country’s biggest cultural history museums, comprising collections of buildings and artefacts, archive material and a comprehensive photo archive. The museum is spread out over an extensive recreational area. Children and young people are one of the museum’s most important target groups, so there is plenty to see there for both young and old.

Shopping in Midtbyen, in the city centre

Trondheim is an exciting city to go shopping in, and here you will find everything from major, well-known chain stores, to independent designer boutiques with exclusive merchandise. Many of the most popular shops are found in the pedestrian precincts of Nordre gate and Thomas Angells gate, or the streets of Olav Tryggvasons gate and Fjordgata, all of which are found within a narrow radius in Midtbyen.

Shopping Centres in Trondheim

In Trondheim there are many shopping centres where you will find “everything in one place”. In Midtbyen we find the Byhaven and Mercur malls, which both house approx. 40 shops, the Olavskvartalet, which is the mall at the Olavshallen culture centre, and Trondheim Town Square (Torg) where there are about 70 shops.

Just outside the city centre we find shopping centres like Sirkus, City Lade and Lade Arena, and at Tiller, south of Trondheim we find City Syd.

Ilabekken/Ilaparken Park

The stream known as Ilabekken starts in Bymarka and runs through the Kobberdammen, Baklidammen and Theisendammen ponds down to Ilsvika cove and Iladalen Park. Iladalen Park is centred on the Ilabekken, which runs from south to north via an artificial pond in the middle of the park.

Ilaparken Park is situated at Ilevollen in the part of the city known as Ila. In the park there is a music pavilion, playground, seating, a ball court which is iced over during the winter, together with spacious planted areas and lawns.

Sjøbadet saltwater bathing spot at Brattøra

The saltwater bathing spot, Sjøbadet, is near Rockheim and the Pirbadet water park, and was re-opened in 2011. Sjøbadet offers sunbathing spots and a diving board and is a popular recreational area throughout the summer.


Munkholmen is a tiny island in the Trondheimsfjord, about 2 km off Trondheim city centre. During the summer the island is a popular spot for outings and has plenty of scope for bathing and sunbathing. There is also a café there and a small restaurant with outdoor seating. You can catch a boat to Munkholmen from Ravnkloa. Munkholmen has an eventful history and is now a listed monument.

A round of golf or two

Trondheim Golf Club: 18-hole course, golfing courses for beginners. Prices available on request.

Trondheim – Par3Golf – Havstein: Pay&Play golf course, open to the public, including those who are not members of golf clubs. Ideal for tourists, families with children, beginners, etc. Opens in June 2013.

Fishing in Bymarka

You can fish at 27 different lakes in Bymarka recreational area on the same permit. You can fish trout, pike and roach in Bymarka (and Leinstrandmarka), but trout fishing is the most popular. Fishing permits can be purchased at a number of sports shops in Trondheim, or at Inatur.

Football matches with Rosenborg at Lerkendal

Watching Rosenborg play a home game with 15-20,000 supporters in the stands is a thrilling experience. Read more about Rosenborg’s home games and find information about matches and tickets.

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