Saint Olav’s Festival (Olavsfestdagene) and the Trøndersk Food Festival are arranged in Trondheim in late July/early August and offer first rate cultural and culinary experiences.

Saint Olav’s Festival,Trondheim, 26 July to 3 August

Saint Olav’s Festival in Trondheim is Norway’s biggest cultural and ecclesiastical festival and will be arranged this year for the 52nd time. Although much of St. Olav’s Festival is about, and takes place in and around Nidaros Cathedral, the entire city is put to use, resulting in public festivities and an atmosphere few other festivals have to offer.

Saint Olav’s Festival always presents an impressive programme, built on a combination of concerts, talks, markets and other events.

Historical Market at the Saint Olav’s Festival (Olavsfestdagene)

The historical market at Saint Olav’s Festival takes place in and around the Archbishop’s Residence at Nidaros Cathedral. At the sales booths in the courtyard, various types of handicrafts will be demonstrated, and you will be able to try your hand at various techniques and buy merchandise to take back home with you. The area will be characterised by activities for the whole family. Many sales booths will also be lined up outside the Archbishop’s Residence.

Programme and Tickets

Read more about St. Olav’s Festival in Trondheim 2013, and browse the updated programme. Tickets will be available from as soon as performers and other events are confirmed.

See video from the St. Olav’s Festival (Olavsfestdagene) 2012.

Trøndersk Food Festival in Trondheim, july 31.- 2nd August

Trøndersk Food Festival, Norway’s biggest local food festival, attracts over 150,000 food enthusiasts and over 90 exhibitors to a festive weekend in the name of local fare. This year, the food festival will be arranged from july 31. to the 2nd of August, at the same time as the St. Olav’s Festival (Olavsfestdagene).

The public can buy local fare direct from the manufacturers, and take part in everything from cookery courses to entertainment events with focus on food.
Cookery Courses at Trøndersk Food Festival in Trondheim

This year as last, the public will be at liberty to take part in a number of courses and talks at Trøndersk Food Festival.

Read the latest news and get the latest programme updates on the Trøndersk Food Festival web site.

See photos from the 2012 Trøndersk Food Festival.

This article will be updated as soon as programme details regarding the St. Olav’s Festival (Olavsfestdagene) and Trøndersk Food Festival are published.

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When visiting Trondheim you have a wide range of overnight accommodations to choose from. On our web site you can book hotel accommodation for your visit to Trondheim and the St. Olav’s Festival (Olavsfestdagene) and Trøndersk Food Festival.

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