The south-coast of Trøndelag is diverse and beautiful, ranging from open sea, via the shoreline with its polished rocks and mild fjord landscapes, to farmland, wooded hillsides and high mountains.

Enjoyable nature experiences, small local communities, towns and cities, locally produced food, farm holidays, specially adapted cycling trails, deep-sea rafting, mountain climbing, diving, windsurfing, and holidays in lighthouses are just some of the things you might like to try here.

A sensual experience

You can go on a cruise of the archipelago, a round trip of the harbour and fishing trips on the fjord. On an ocean safari you can see seal, porpoise, cormorant and white-tailed eagle. Froan nature reserve has a unique collection of birds, while Hitra is home to Europe’s highest concentration of red deer. Island hopping is a popular activity that allows you to discover some great coastal landscapes.

At the south-coast you can taste “grotteost” (cave cheese), wild lamb, venison, scallops, salmon and crab, to mention but a few. The sounds, smell and tastes of sea and mountain are there for everyone to enjoy.

Hook the big one

A fishing paradise awaits both anglers who want to test themselves against powerful elements on an ocean fishing trip and fishing enthusiasts who prefer to cast their lines in a river or lake. At sea you can catch anything from cod, coley and haddock to cusk, pollack and mackerel. Inland you are likely to hook trout and char.

Local guides can accompany you out to sea to show you some of the best fishing spots in Trøndelag. The inland lakes and rivers have an abundant fish population. Fosen has several salmon rivers, including Stordalselva in Åfjord. There are plenty of opportunities for fishing from rocks and small boats.

All along the coast you can hire boats and fishing equipment and stay in charming fisherman’s cottages. You can also join local fishermen on a fishing trip on the open sea.

Under water

Would you like to discover the world under water? There are several diving clubs that organize diving expeditions and many have guides who will accompany you into the deep. Diving conditions are good, with clear water, a rich plant and wildlife and many exciting shipwrecks.

 An exciting detour

The Fosen peninsula is located on the northwest shore of Trondheimsfjorden, is an exciting alternative to the traditional route along highway E6 through Trøndelag and is an extension of Kystriksveien – The Coastal Route.

Some of the oldest traces of human settlement in Norway have been uncovered here, dating back over 11,000 years, together with the country’s biggest collection of burial mounds and monoliths. Innumerable burial finds have been made, including pearls from Rome.

The row of wharf buildings in Råkvåg is a unique cultural monument from the “the golden age of herring fishing.” The unique row of buildings contains exhibitions, a museum, an outdoor theatre, restaurants and a hive of activity. In addition, there is also a wide range of other museums that give an account our local history.

There are also a number of bird sanctuaries there, including the Grandefjæra Nature Reserve and Ramsar area (internationally protected), a very important stopover for water fowl migrating along the Norwegian coast, which has been specially adapted for bird watching.

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