The Trøndelag coast are one of the main attractions of the region, and sea fishing is the most popular activity there.

Easy to become addicted

Few things are more exhilarating than spending time out at sea in a real fishing boat, the feeling when you realise that you’ve got a big fish on your line and the struggle to get it over the rail.Cod weighing up to 15 kilos are by no means exceptional along the Trøndelag coast, and if you get a halibut on the line, you will be given a real workout whether you want it or not.

Great surroundings

The coast of Trøndelag is famous internationally for its sea fishing, and there are great sites the whole way up the coastline. A large number of islands provide shelter against the open sea, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet while you wait for the fish to bite.

There are plenty of opportunities to join local fishing guides for trips out into the open sea, but you can also fish from the rocks or from a boat in the sheltered waters, in the fjords and close to land. Boats and fishing equipment can be hired most places along the coast, all year round.

Many different species of fish

Lurking in the depths of the waters there are many different species of fish, such as cod, coley, pollack, haddock, tusk, ling, wolffish, angler fish, halibut, ocean perch, whiting, mackerel, herring, plaice, dab and eels.

In some places you can also catch salmon, trout, hake, turbot, Greenland halibut, spiny dogfish, lantern shark, red dogfish, skate and lumpsucker, but they are less common.