The battle with the Trøndelag salmon

Imagine a beautiful summer’s day, a gentle breeze and a peaceful river in Trøndelag. Suddenly you catch sight of something shimmering, and you let the fly touch the surface of the water a couple of times before lowering it down perfectly a little way in front of the salmon. You feel a tug, “Yes!”, your face lights up, and the struggle begins.

Feeling a mixture of panic and excitement, you want to reel it in as quickly as possible, but you know that you need to stay calm.Around 20 long minutes later you have the trophy in your hands, and your mates take pictures to send home.

You are the hero of the moment and the centre of attention, but the next time you cast your line that is all in the past. Now you want to catch an even bigger fish.

Salmon rivers in Trøndelag

Rivers like the Namsen, Gaula, Orkla and Stjørdalselva have a nice ring to them in the ears of most salmon enthusiasts. Salmon weighing over 7 kg comprise over half the total catch, so you can expect quite a struggle when they start to bite.

– The Namsenvassdraget watercourse
The Namsen is referred to as the queen of salmon rivers, but in the Namsenvassdraget watercourse there are also a number of princesses to choose from. The Sanddøla, Nordelva, Bjøra and Høylandsvassdraget are also excellent salmon rivers. On the Namsen, harling is quite common, a technique where skilled rowers guide you down the river while you take care of the rods.

– Other rivers near the Namsenfjord
A number of other excellent salmon rivers flow into to the Namsenfjord. Here you can become better acquainted with the rivers Bogna, Aursunda, Årgårdvassdraget, Lausnesvassdraget, Opløvassdraget and Salsvassdraget.

– The Trondheimsfjord
The Trondheimsfjord is unique in a global context in as much as it is fed by over 40 salmon rivers. The number of rivers and the large amount of salmon, make the Trondheimsfjord and the salmon rivers Gaula, Orkla, Nidelva, Stjørdalselva and Verdalselva one of the best salmon fishing areas in Norway.

– River fishing in Fosen
Fosen has some of Trøndelag’s best rivers for small salmon. A lot of salmon is caught there, but also some sea trout and char. The River Stordalselva is the best known among them. It flows out into the middle of the borough of Åford.
Fishing permits for most of the salmon rivers in Trøndelag are on sale at They can also be purchased there using your mobile phone.