The Røros region is known for its world heritage site and the beautiful nature in the Femundsmarka and Forollhogna national parks.

Here you find unique cultural and historical legacy, enveloped by countryside full of potential adventure, and unlike anything you will find anywhere else.

The charming mining town of Røros is one of Europe’s oldest preserved wooden towns and includes over 100 listed buildings. Even though Røros is an important part of Norway’s history and cultural heritage, it is also a vibrant town where people live and work, but the area also offers exciting activities and mysterious phenomena.


The mountain municipality of Os boasts breathtaking nature, with fertile valleys and summer farms in the west near Forollhogna National Park, where you can go on an exciting reindeer safari. The area is as inviting in summer as in winter, with great hiking terrain on the gently sloping hillsides. Oddentunet, is the main building in the museum’s collection. Oddentunet is a conserved farm which is still in its original location in Narjordet. There are several biking and bridle paths in the area, and there are also good opportunities for dog-sledding.

Tolga – a Mini-Røros

Tolga has several beautiful sites worthy of a visit. Tolga town centre and church were modelled on Røros. At Dølmotunet farm museum both children and adults can take part in exciting farm activities. The small community of Vingelen is known for its architecture, with a collection of over 800 timber houses built before 1900. The Tolga area is also well suited for outdoor activities with its large number of hiking trails.

Mystery in Holtålen

In December 1981 the inhabitants of Hessdalen in Holtålen began observing strange lights, frequently in the shape of large balls. The area has been a focus of interest both by scientists and others interested in the phenomenon. Some believe they’ve found the answer to the mystery, but there are still many questions surrounding the Hessdalen phenomenon. The commercial centre Ålen has a great village museum and a ski centre with five downhill slopes. Hunting and fishing opportunities are good, with an abundance of small game and a large salmon population in the river Gaula.


The region’s main attraction is the World Heritage site of Røros, an old conserved mining town. Røros’ unique timber buildings attract a large number of tourists who want to experience the town’s charming, historical atmosphere.

Røros is a vibrant town all year round, as visitors flock to events like the Rørosmartnan market, winter festival, food festival and dog racing. Røros’ proximity to nature makes it a paradise for hunting and fishing enthusiasts, for those who wants to hike or paddle canoe.

The region’s strong emphasis on ”short-distance food”, which is food sourced from local suppliers, ensures that visitors are always treated to first-class cuisine.

The colorful streets of Røros are known for their lively arts and crafts community, workshop sales outlets, galleries and distinctive small shops as well as charming, small cafés, restaurants and backyard premises offering the region’s fantastic local fare.

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