Fottur i Forollhogna. Copyright: Jon H. Lillegjelten
Forollhogna. Copyright: Tomas Lillehagen
Brunost. Copyright: Tomas Lillehagen
Forollhogna. Copyright: Lars Olov Helms
Forollhogna tur. Copyright: Lars Olav Helms

Forollhogna National Park

Forollhogna offers a continuous high mountain region and gentle valley sides,
which are often referred to as 'The kind mountains'. Norway's most productive
reindeer herd lives here and is known for its large bucks with their beautiful
antlers. Vingelen National Park village is on the border of the National Park. Kilde: Destinasjon Røros
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Phone: +47 48 99 76 59

2550 Os i Østerdalen
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