Trøndelag comprises the counties of Nord- and Sør-Trøndelag, and is often referred to as Mid-Norway due its central geographical location.

Trøndelag has a population of around 430,000, spread over an area of 41,263 km². The largest city in the region isTrondheim (population 170,000), which was also Norway’s first capital (1030–1217).


Norway’s geographical mid-point, based on area, is at Skjækra in the municipality of Steinkjer. A path built of railway sleepers leads to the exact midpoint, which is marked by a stone beacon. Norway’s coastal mid-point is at Torra in Bjugn.


From November to March temperatures vary from +5 to -15 degrees Centigrade. The average winter temperature is -5 degrees. From June to August temperatures range from +5 to + 30 degrees Centigrade. The average summer temperature is +15 degrees.


Between November and March access may be restricted on some of the mountain roads. Coaches must ensure they are informed of any restrictions. For more information, please contact the traffic information service Vegtrafikksentralen on tel. 175.

From November to March, roads are often covered in snow and ice and vehicles must be fitted with winter tyres. The speed limit is normally 80 km/hour. In densely populated areas, the speed limit is 50 or 60 km.

Public transport

The Hurtigruten coastal express makes daily stops at Trondheim and Rørvik. The express ferry service Kystekspressen runs a daily service along the coastline between Trondheim and Kristiansund.

There are fast ferries and regular ferries serving the islands along the Trøndelag coast. There are two ferry connections between the Fosen peninsula to Flakk–Rørvik and Brekstad–Valset on the southern mainland. In addition, there are regular ferries and fast ferries serving the northern section of the Trøndelag coast.

The railway lines Rørosbanen, Nordlandsbanen and Dovrebanen operate train services between Oslo, Trondheim and northern Norway, while Mittnabotåget runs between Trondheim and Östersund in Sweden. Several coach companies operate daily services between Oslo and Trondheim.

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Important telephone numbers

•Ambulance 113
•Fire 110
•Police 112
For information about roads, ferries, coach, bus and air timetables, please call 177. From abroad, call +47 815 00 178.

For information about train services, please call NSB on (+47) 815 00 888.