Safari in Oppdal, a guaranteed success

Scouting for Musk oxes at Dovre close to Oppdal in Trøndelag, Norway, Photo Sigbjørn FrengenAre you interested in photography and want to participate in a unique nature experience? Oppdal Safari have 20 years of experience in arranging musk ox safaris and have expanded the program to also offering personal guided tours to those who want to focus on photographing these fascinating animals. They guarantee that on this day trip their guides will do their utmost to facilitate a good musk ox photo adventures.

Camera shooting 24/7

A Musk ox shows up among the trees at Dovre close to Oppdal in Trøndelag, Norway, Photo Sigbjørn FrengenAn overnight stay in a tent is recommended to get the good shots in the evening or morning light, as well as experiencing sleeping outside with the sky as the ceiling which provides a nice and memorable outdoors experience. If we are lucky we might see a herd of reindeer or a fox, or maybe some interesting birds?

Respect for the animals

In order to approach the animal in a safe and considerate manner, in addition to getting the best photographic experience, it is an advantage to be as few people as possible. We  therefore recommend that the group does not exceed 5-6 people.

Information about guided photo safari in Oppdal

Suitable for: Photo and  nature enthusiasts, work colleagues, adventure seekers. Your physical fitness and your preferences are taken  into consideration when planning the tour. Recommended group size is 4 persons.

Season: Spring, summer and autumn.

Duration: Day trips or multi-day  trips, including overnight stay in a tent or cabin if wanted.

Clothing / Equipment: Good and sturdy hiking boots and clothing and personal equipment  according to the weather  forecast . Tele Lens (min. 300 mm) and a tripod is a must.  Equipment  list  will be made  and adapted upon booking of  all personal  tours. Remember that  the weather can change quickly in the mountains!

Meeting point: Oppdal Railway Station or elsewhere by appointment.

Price: Price pr. guide pr. day: NOK 4500, -./ 2 day trip and overnight stay  in a tent (Two  full days and overnight stay in tent): NOK 11 950, -.

Refreshments / food can be provided for overnight trips and other tours on request.

Contact info:

Oppdal Safari

Adress:           O.Skasliens vei 10, N-7340 Oppdal


Tel:                  +47 986 93 200