Musk ox in winter, a great motif

A Musk ox safari close to Oppdal in Trøndelag, Norway, may include some great shots, Photo: Sigbjørn FrengenSeeing the musk ox in the harsh winter climate of Dovrefjell National Park is in itself an experience, and the photo motif can at times be amazing. If it is cloudy or winter stormy, the rugged musk ox is standing still against the winter snowstorm up on the mountain plateau, and posing happily for those who would come by.

Local and experienced guides

The guides offer you the opportunity to join on trips like this by providing local knowledge of  the area and approaching the musk ox in a safe environment and experience the outdoors in all weather conditions. The guides have years of experience in organizing musk ox safaris in the national park, and have a burning desire that all our customers will have a great nature experience.

Young Musk ox at Dovre close to Oppdal in Trøndelag, Norway, Photo: Sigbjørn FrengenBoth Musk oxes and other rare animals

Sleeping in a warm tent in the mountains may be unfamiliar to many, but with high quality equipment, this is a comfortable and enjoyable experience that certainly can be recommended for everyone. As a bonus, you might get lucky to see a reindeer herd or an arctic fox, so just keep your eyes open. Sign up for a wild and eventful Photo Tour!

Information about photo safari in winter

Suitable for: Photo and  nature enthusiasts , work colleagues, adventure seekers. Your physical fitness and your preferences are taken into consideration when planning the tour. Recommended group size is 4 persons.

Season: When there is enough snow for snowshoeing or skiing.

Duration: Day trips or multi-day trips, including overnight stay in a tent or cabin if wanted.

Clothing / Equipment: Good and warm boots and clothing and personal equipment  according to the weather  forecast. Tele Lens (min. 300 mm) and a tripod is a must. Equipment  list will be made  and adapted by us upon booking of all personal tours. Remember that  the weather can change quickly in the mountains!

Meeting point: Oppdal Railway Station or elsewhere by appointment.

Price: Price pr. guide pr. day: NOK 4500, -./ 2 day trip and overnight stay  in a tent (Two  full days and overnight stay in tent): NOK 11 950, -.

Refreshments / food can be provided for overnight trips and other tours on request.

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