Safaris offer wonderful nature and close encounters with animals. On safari in Trøndelag you may see everything from eagles and seals to musk oxen and elk.

Eagle and Seal Safari on the coast of Trøndelag

The coast of Trøndealg is abundant in birds and animals and at several locations you can join a guided safari on a boat and see eagles and seals at close range.

Red Deer Safari in Hitra

Hitra-Frøya Guide service takes you on safari in search of red deer among one of northern Europe’s biggest populations of these majestic animals. Trips begin early in the morning, and on the way the guide will take you to the deer’s regular trails and lure the animals out for you. Binoculars and a flask of coffee should be on your list of necessary equipment for this wonderful safari.
For further details about red deer safaris in Hitra, please contact Hitra-Frøya Guideservice: or (+47) 48 18 67 28.

Bear Safaris in Lierne

Taking part on a guided bear safari and bear camp in Lierne, is like going on a bear detective course. What do bear tracks look like? What has the bear eaten? What does a squashed bush in the woods imply? Why has the ant hill been broken up, and how much does a bear eat?

You will know the answer to all of this and more after taking part in a safari in the realm of the bears under the auspices of Lierne National Park Centre – and perhaps you may even see a real bear?

Musk Ox Safari in the Dovrefjell Mountains

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park is the only place in Norway, and one of only a few worldwide, where you can join a guided musk ox safari. There are just over 200 musk oxen in the Dovrefjell mountains and about 150 of them graze west of Drivdalen and on the luxuriant hillsides leading down to the River Driva in the borough of Oppdal. This population is one of few which are increasing in number.

Elk Safaris in Oppdal

The Eurasian elk, or moose, is Norway’s biggest living land mammal with a shoulder height of up to 2.3 metres. Bulls may be 2.5 to 3.2 metres long, while the females are somewhat smaller. These magnificent animals are found in Oppdal, and the rest of Scandinavia. Elk normally prefer to roam around on their own. They are active all day long, but are most active around dawn and dusk, so trips are adapted to these daylight conditions.

Together with local, experienced guides, the trip takes you by bus into forest areas where there are known to be a lot of elk. Your chances of seeing elk in their natural environment are very good. Your guide will tell you about flora and fauna in Oppdal and at some point during the trip coffee and biscuits will be served in the open air. Bring your camera!

Photo Safaris at Namsskogan Family Park

Namsskogan Family Park offers photo safaris all year round. The animals are wonderful during the winter and with the magical light conditions which occur at this time of the year, you just might end up going home with some top notch photos in your camera. The summer sunshine will also do its best to provide you with fantastic memories. You can choose between 35 species of animals like brown bear, lynx, wolf, wolverine, red fox, alpaca, red deer, elk and reindeer.

  • Recommended duration: guided tour 90 minutes, up to 7 hours
  • Focus: your own selection of the animals in the park
  • Season: all year round (the best time is in February/March
  • Prices: NOK 990 in summer / NOK 1450 in winter

Prices include:

  • 90 minutes with a guide who will take you on a safari among your selected animals.
  • Feeding and transport included.
  • Access to photo hatches.

The Family Park has built photo hatches which they will open for you, and where you can spend as much time as you need to take your photographs.

Please contact Namsskogan Family Park for further information and photo safari offers:

Email: / tel. 74 33 37 00

Local Food Safaris in Røros

Safaris with a difference, but still safaris, these trips involve travelling around the Røros area on a guided tour and sampling the local fare. You may not see as many animals, but you will definitely taste many products derived from animals, such as meat, dairy produce and eggs. Read more about local food safaris on