In Trøndelag you find a total of nine national park areas. Each of them invite you to fantastic nature experiences, such as hiking, canoeing, fishing and skiing.

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park

At Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella there are many marked hiking trails. In the border areas of the park there are also a number of overnight accommodations and popular activities offered there include climbing, cycling, fishing, musk ox safari, moose safari and mountain tours on horseback.

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Skarvan and Roltdalen National Park

Skarvan and Roltdalen includes many excellent lakes where big fish can be caught and rivers with good trout fishing. Millstones were excavated here for several centuries, both for local use and for export to Europe. The biggest concentration of this is found on the Rambling Association trail between Bleka and Schulzhytta cabin.

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Sylan Nature Reserve

Sylan Nature Reserve can boast of an almost unlimited system of paths and over 20 strategically placed cabins and excellent camp sites. In Tydal and the Sylan area we find the Nea, one of Europe’s best trout rivers, and Lake Nesjøen, northern Europe’s most abundant charr lake.

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Forollhogna National Park

At Forollhogna you can wander through beautiful mountains and pastoral valleys. We find Scandinavia’s most fecund stock of wild reindeer here and a vibrant mountain pasture culture with local food traditions. Popular activities include picking mushrooms and berries, fishing and mountain walks.

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Trollheimen National Park

Trollheimen Nature Reserve contains a number of varied and well marked hiking routes. Climb spectacular peaks and enjoy rivers, fjords and mountain lakes full of fish, together with traditional pastoral mountain farms on the way. A number of tourist lodges serve local fare in summer and at Easter.

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Femundsmarka National Park

Femundsmarka emanates wilderness and offers delightful conditions for kayaking and canoeing, trout fishing and cloudberry picking. Femundsmarka is characterized by tranquil landscapes and rolling hills. The many lakes are abundant in fish and provide an excellent habitat for innumerable birds like golden eagles and goshawks.

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Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park

Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella is known for its abundance of ptarmigan, woodland birds, trout and charr. Marked trails and self-service overnight accommodations make the area very family friendly.

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Lierne National Park

Lierne is well-suited to hiking, hunting and fishing and picking mushrooms and berries, but there are only a few marked trails and open cabins. Lierne fjellstyre (mountain authority) offers cabins and boats for hire both in and outside the national park.

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Børgefjell National Park

Børgefjell includes tall mountain peaks, gentle valleys, wild rapids and far-reaching moors. Here, we also find the only viable stock of arctic foxes in Norway. Børgefjell is known for its many lakes abundant in fish, and its ptarmigan and small game hunt.

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