When you arrive in Røros you step into a very different side of Norway. This unique mining village made it onto the UNSECO World Heritage List in 1980, and not without reason. There really is something captivating with this little village. Year round this popular tourist attraction draws visitors from all around the world. However, Røros is at its prime in wintertime. With some of the coldest temperatures in Norway, it turns into a sparkling and magical wonderland. Experience how the mining industry has shaped the village today and how it has kept its links to the past.

Horse Sledding in Røros

One of the many highlights of a trip to Røros in the winter is to take a sleigh ride of a lifetime. With buildings looking the same as they did hundreds of years ago, it is like travelling back in time. As the horse breathes white clouds of mist into the air, all you will hear is the sound of sleigh bells, hoofs and squeaky snow under the sleigh.

Take a journey by horse-drawn sled and learn of the incredible history behind this atmospheric village. You will be drawn past the 17th and 18th century wooden houses, winding alleyways and courtyards. The sled will also take you past the old copper mine and the beautiful white church that dominates the skyline of the village. Those who live and work in Røros have stayed true to the character of this village to this day. 

Unique experiences

Horse-drawn sleigh rides, taking approximately one hour around the village, are offered from two local companies:

  • Røros Kjørelag offer sleigh rides for up to four people
  • The Ardenners offer sleigh rides for groups of up to six people.

Journey a little further afield, to Tynset, for longer trips. Savalen Horse Centre offers evening sleigh rides under the dark starry skies and longer excursions for small and large groups. It also caters for corporate groups of up to 100 people. Another option is to do the sleigh ride called “Forbondetur” from Vauldalen to Røros. Over a weekend, you will enjoy different kinds of traditional food together with live music, making it an unforgettable couple of days. As it is a package trip all you have to do is cuddle up inside your fur and enjoy.


Why not combine a sleigh-ride with another unique experience: Rørosmartnan? This annual shopping and cultural folk festival takes place in the second last week of February. This is a tradition that has been arranged over 160 times and attracts over 75,000 visitors annually. Courtyards are turned into local coach houses with stables in the yards. Visitors will get a real feel for local culture and traditions. Find food and handicrafts stalls down every alley or live music and storytelling throughout the village centre.

Getting There

If you want to experience Røros first-hand, there are many ways of getting to the old mining village. From Oslo/Hamar and Trondheim there are several train departures every day with NSB. In addition, the airline company Widerøe offers daily flights from Oslo, which takes around 50 minutes. By car there are several nice routes to drive. More information can be found on the Røros website.

Røros is a unique part of Trøndelag’s history. The local inhabitants take pride in this special destination. Whether it is a memorable trip with your loved ones or teambuilding with colleagues, be sure not to miss the chance to explore this amazing town by horse-drawn sled. Should you have more than a couple of days available, book your stay at Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim. Then you can use the city as a hub to explore also the rest of Trøndelag’s many attractions and historical sites, such as Stiklestad, Ringve or Nidaros Cathedral. The possibilities are endless and it’s well worth taking your time to explore.


The article is written for Trøndelag Tourist Board AS by LBi AS, on behalf of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group.