Food from Trøndelag is your palate’s best friend, although your palate might not yet be aware of the fact.

An increasing focus on local food has led to an explosion of small-scale food producers, who conjure up delicacies from raw ingredients provided by both the sea and land. Some of them have been voted the best in the country. The many farm shops, food festivals and restaurants make the whole of Trøndelag a culinary paradise.

Short distance food – local food from Trøndelag

The concept of “short-distance food” originated in Røros, and has spread across the whole of Norway in just a short space of time. Below you will find some examples of where you can find short-distance food in Trøndelag.

Delicacies from Hitra and Frøya

“Product of the year” and “Raw ingredient from the sea of the year”. Those were the titles recently given to Hitra Gårdsmat’s Grotteost cheese and Seashell’s scallops in highly-regarded competitions. Both companies also supply other high-quality products.

Food festival

In July/August Trondheim hosts the Trøndelag Food Festival. The area around Vår Frue Kirke (“Our Lady’s church”) fills up with local food producers offering their choicest delicacies. During the festival, prestigious prizes are awarded, and lots of entertainment is also put on.

Local Food Safari

A food guide will take you on an exciting trip through our local food history. You will experience the genuine tastes of the Røros region, whilst visiting producers of food on farms and at restaurants. You’ll have ample opportunity to taste what’s on offer at a local lunch with coffee and pastries or ice cream.

The Golden Road

Along the Golden Road through Inderøy, there are many small-scale food producers with their own farm shops. Their products include everything from dessert cheese and aquavit jelly to smoked meats and honey mustard.
Gangstad Gårdsysteri
Berg Farm


Several places brew their own local beer, such as Klostergården in Tautra, the Ølve på Egge brewery in Steinkjer, Inderøy Gårdsbryggeri and Røros Brewery and Mineral Factory AS. Here you can taste beer that has been brewed lovingly, based on careful experimentation.