Experience the meaningful interaction with people, animals, nature and the outdoor life in a traditional setting rich in culture.

Mountain farms in Leksvik and Mosvik

There are many mountain farms in the Leksvik and Mosvik area, and together they offer a variety of animals, activities, overnight accommodations, food and drink, history, events and tours of the mountain farms themselves.


They are located in abundant and diverse natural surroundings with short distances to fjords and mountains, and with plenty of scope for hiking, hunting, fishing, bathing, cycling and other leisure activities.

Visit a mountain farm this summer

Would you like to experience the good life on a mountain farm, take part in a wealth of activities and tasks, sense the smells, hear the stories, taste the food, feel the tranquillity and be part of the interaction? Then you should visit the mountain farm district this summer.

Find out more about mountain farms

Read more about each individual mountain farm on the joint webpage for mountains farms in Leksvik and Mosvik.