The fish in the ocean belong to us all, and we are focused on safeguarding fish stocks for the future.

Minimum size regulations

From 1 January 2010 any fishing at sea must comply with size limits. The aim to enable more fish to reach breeding size.

You are responsible for keeping yourself updated on current regulations.

Angling at sea is free

There is no charge or requirement for a fishing permit for recreational fishing for saltwater fish with a rod or hand line. This also applies to fishing at sea for sea trout, salmon and sea char, although there may be local protected areas around river estuaries. Fishing is permitted all year.

Foreign tourists

Foreign tourists are of course welcome to enjoy free fishing in Norwegian waters. Please ensure that you comply with the following simple rules:
Handheld tackle
Foreign tourists are only allowed to use handheld tackle when fishing at sea. Nets, pots, traps or lines are not permitted.
Trophy fish
You are allowed to take up to 15 kilos of fish and in addition one whole trophy fish out of Norway. Freshwater fish such as salmon, trout and char are exempt from the 15-kilo rule.
Fishing rules near fish farms
Fishing is not permitted within 100 metres of the nearest fish farm. Boats must not pass within 20 metres of fish farms and their mooring systems.
Sale of catch
Foreign tourists are not permitted to sell their catch.

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