The Innherred region is home to numerous historical sights and cultural and natural adventures.

Innherred is best known for its many historical sites, especially Stiklestad, the place where Olav the Holy fell in the year 1030 A.D. Innherred isn’t a town or a place. The name describes the people who live here and the landscape that surrounds them.

A breath of history

The Christianisation period around the year 1000 takes centre stage in Innherred. Every year around Olsok (St. Olav’s Wake) on July 29, the Battle of Stiklestad, which led to the death of St. Olav and the Christianisation of Norway, is re-enacted in a play. Kvistad, Mære and Egge, some of the pre-Christian seats of power that played a vital part in the outcome of the Battle of Stiklestad, are also located in Innherred. A variety of attractions and activities for young and old, including the mediaeval farm of Stiklastadir, will help you learn about the life the people lived prior to the battle.

Egge Museum recounts the stories of the chieftains and some of Olav Haraldsson’s worst enemies. The monks of Munkeby represent the subsequent religious shift.

Frosta is a peninsula in the Trondheimsfjord, who also offers a number of historical sites, such as the Frostatinget – Norway’s oldest court, the mediaeval church at Logtun where the Frostating Law was kept from 1274, the monastery ruins at Tautra, and a number of rock carving ranges. Every year the pilgrims’ way brings visitors from near and far to Innherred.

More recent historical events are presented at Falstadsenteret Memorial and Human Rights Centrein Levanger. In addition, there are numerous festivals with an historical flavor.

Cultural highlights

The Olsok (St. Olav’s Wake) festival at Stiklestad, the market Marsimartnan in Levanger, the Steinkjermartnan market, the Viking festival at Egge, the Vømmøl festival at Verdal, the Steinkjer festival and Sodd-Jazz in Inderøy take place every year and are among the biggest cultural events of the Trøndelag region.

Stiklestad National Cultural Centre has great exhibitions and a beautiful open air museum. Along the Golden Route in Inderøy you can enjoy both artistic and culinary experiences is a fantastic cultural landscape. Eighteen participants have created a consolidated travel product based on mutual cooperation. They create traditional food from the region, together with art inspired by the landscape we live in. All of this is made available with consideration for visitors, the participants themselves and all the rest of us.

Frosta is a peninsula in the Trondheimsfjord and is referred to as Trondheim’s kitchen garden because of its pleasant climate. The peninsula is also rich in history, nature and culture. For those seeking an active holiday, Frosta offers farm visits, cycling and hiking, bathing, sailing, fishing, bird watching and bird sanctuaries, and visits to a silversmith’s.

Natural adventures

Innherred offers a wealth of nature adventures, and the Geographical Centre of Norway is by definition here in Steinkjer. On the outskirts of the Blåfjella and Skjækerfjella National Park, you can take the 10 km walk to the midpoint itself.

In Innherred you can enjoy the delights of the Trondheimsfjord on a ferry ride from Levanger to Ytterøy, or on a fishing trip starting at the Skarnsundet Fjord Centre.

Innherred has hundreds of lakes teeming with trout and the river Verdalselva has an abundance of salmon. You can spend the night in a wilderness camp, go canoeing or dog-sledding.

Spend some time in Innherred, where you will find attractions and activities that captivate those interested in history, those who are creative, those who are adventurous and those who are uninhibited, providing a memorable time for all.

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