Travelling from island to island might be something you associate with more southerly latitudes, but island hopping in Trøndelag is a wonderful experience.

Bring your bike and explore the genuine coastal culture, with fishermen`s cabins, archipelago cruises and fishing trips.

Island hopping is freedom

Island hopping in Trøndelag gives you a feeling of freedom out of the ordinary, when you travel from island to island, go on short bike trips, go fishing, put up the tent or spoil yourself with a night in a fishermen`s cabin. There and then the environment is everything, while bills, lawn care and grocery shopping belong to another world.

Trondheim as a starting point

From Trondheim you can take the boat to the islands Hitra and Frøya, and Sula with its distinctive lighthouses and charming buildings. From Frøya you can get to the Bogøy fishing village and Halten fishing village and lighthouse, unlike anything you’ve seen, with old wooden houses and a special serenity.


Outside Frøya lays the idyllic fishing village Mausundvær. Here you will find restaurants, pubs, shops and boat hire. Trøndelag`s outpost at the ocean, Froan, is a unique belt of over 40 small islands, islets and reefs. Froan is a paradise for nature photographers. Several protected areas are living and breeding areas for harbor seals and gray seals, and bird species like cormorants, eiders, graylag and sea eagles. In addition, chances to see porpoises and otters are good.

Namdal coast line

From Namsos in Nord-Trøndelag, you can take the shuttle boat to the Jøa , Abelvær in Nærøy, Rørvik and Leka. From Rørvik goes shuttle boat to the authentic and picturesque fishing village of Sør-Gjæslingan, which was the biggest cod fishing village south of Lofoten. Here you can stay in charming seaside, or else you will find shops, boat hire and fishing opportunities. Sør-Gjæslingan is today a part of Norveg – Coastal Museum in Nord-Trøndelag, where you can book accommodation in the village.