Hiking in the mountains surrounding Oppdal in Trøndelag, Norway, Photo: Sigbjørn FrengenOppdal – surrounded by nature

Oppdal is surrounded by mountains and national parks in every direction, all with different characteristics. Dovrefjell National Park (south/southwest) with wide valleys and plains as well as high mountains and remote places with amazing scenery.

The view from the mountains of Trollheimen (northwest) can be breathtaking. Knutshø National Park (southeast) has a rich vegetation and wildlife, and the landscape is perfect for hiking, fishing and enjoying nature. Forollhogna National Park (direction east) with the big reindeer and magnificent landscape.

Guided hiking trip in the mountains surrounding Oppdal in Trøndelag, Norway, Photo: Sigbjørn FrengenHiking with a guide

The guides are experienced and will make it a memorable event to, adjusting the hike to your preferences and physical fitness. How about combining a hike to the mountain Snøhetta (2286 meters above sea level) with a musk ox safari and a trout fishing trip? Or perhaps starting the excursion with a canoe trip?

Information about hiking in the Oppdal mountains

Suitable for: Families, groups of friends, work colleagues, adventure seekers. We take your physical fitness and  your preferences into consideration when planning the tour. Maximum 15 persons per guide.

Season: Spring, summer and autumn. See “Guided skiing / snowshoeing in the mountains” for winter trips.

Duration: Day trips or multi-day  trips, including overnight stay in a tent or cabin if wanted.

Clothing / Equipment: Good and sturdy hiking boots and clothing, and personal equipment according to the weather forecast. Equipment list will be made and adapted by us upon booking of all personal tours. Remember that the weather can change quickly in the mountains!

Meeting point: Oppdal Railway Station or elsewhere by appointment.

Price: Price pr. guide pr. day: NOK 4500, -./ 2 day trip and overnight stay  in a tent (Two full days and overnight stay in tent): NOK 11 950, -.

Refreshments / food can be provided for overnight trips and other tours on request.

Contact info:

Oppdal Safari

Adress:           O.Skasliens vei 10, N-7340 Oppdal

Email:             safari@1q.no

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