Hiking adventures vary from family-friendly day trips on prepared trails, to more extreme adventures like mountaintop tours.

Nine national park areas

There are no less than nine national park areas in Trøndelag that are well suited to hiking. These include Femundsmarka, Sylan, Børgefjell and Trollheimen. In most of these parks, hiking takes place on marked public footpaths and can easily be combined with such activities as hunting or fishing.

Pilgrims Route to Trondheim

The Pilgrim Route to Trondheim and Nidaros Cathedral has the status of European Culture Route, attracting pilgrims every summer from all over Europe. On the way you can spend the night and have a meal at venues ranging from cosy hostels to the venerable Kongsvold Fjeldstue mountain inn. There is also a pilgrim route from Sweden to Stiklestad.

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Hiking in Trondheim

In Trondheim it is easy to catch the tram to the city’s delightful surrounding countryside Bymarka, just outside the city centre. Here you will find an extensive network of footpaths leading to mountaintops and fishing lakes.

Geographical centre of Norway

At Innherred in the county of Nord-Trøndelag, we find the geographical centre of Norway, a popular attraction reached by following well-trodden sleeper paths. On your safe arrival at the stone monument which marks the centre, you can sign the guestbook, something over 12,000 people have done before you.

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