For those who enjoy freshwater fishing, Trøndelag offers thousands of fishable lakes, many of which are known for their good fishing.

Both those seeking a quick fishing trip near town, and those wishing to relax in the peace and quiet of the mountains, have a lot to choose from.

Fishing in one of the nine National park areas

From the Børgefjell mountains in the north to Dovrefjell and Femundsmarka in the south, you will find no less than nine national park areas in Trøndelag. All of them have lakes abundant in fish, and offer excellent nature adventures and activities in addition to fishing.

The Angler’s Route

The Angler’s Route, ”Fiskeveien”, leads from Krokom in Sweden, through Lierne, Grong and Overhalla, to Namsos. Each area has its own specialities and distinctive qualities, but all of them have something to offer those who appreciate beautiful countryside and not least, fishing. Fishing can be done from land or boat, and there is plenty of scope for overnight stays.

Trout Fishing in Trøndelag

The River Nea is situated in Tydal and is one of Europe’s best salmon rivers. It starts in the Sylane mountains in Tydal and flows into lake Selbusjøen. Every year big 5-6 kg fish are caught there, and 1-2 kg trout are a common catch. Lake Snåsavatnet is Norway’s sixth biggest lake, and here too, there is excellent trout fishing. In Trondheim you can catch the tram to Bymarka, where you will find almost 30 fishing lakes. Trout fishing is commonest there, but you may also get pike on your hook.

Fishing permit on your mobile

If you enter the web site with your mobile, you can easily purchase fishing permits for a large part of the lakes in Norway.