Easy to get hooked on fishing

Few things are more exhilarating than spending time out at sea in a real fishing boat, the feeling when you realise that you’ve got a big fish on your line and the struggle to get it over the rail.Cod weighing up to 15 kilos are by no means exceptional along the Trøndelag coast, and if you get a halibut on the line, you will be given a real workout whether you want it or not.

Great conditions for sea fishing and fjord fishing

Deep sea fishing along the coast of Trøndelag is internationally known. Along the entire coastline, from Hitra and Frøya in the south to Leka in the north, you have good fishing conditions. A large number of islands provide shelter from the ocean, so you can fully enjoy the excitement and wait for a bite.

There are many opportunities to join local fishing guides out on the open sea, but you may as well fish from the rocks or a boat inshore, in the fjords and along the coast. Boats and fishing equipment can be hired at most points along the coast.

Fishing on Hitra and Frøya

Hitra and Frøya are known as some of the best places in the world for deep sea fishing. Thousands of islands, islets and reefs allow you to fish in calm conditions inshore, while having a short way out to the open sea. Fishing enthusiasts from all over Europe come here to fish both from shore and from boats.

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Fishing on Fosen

Fosen peninsula is widely known for its excellent fishing. Both in fjords and the sea beyond, as well as rivers and lakes in the inland, offers a variety of different fishing experiences.

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Fishing in the Trondheimsfjord

Trondheimsfjorden, Norway’s third longest fjord, stretches from Agdenes to Steinkjer. Fishing in the Trondheim Fjord is good and varied, with opportunities for fishing from boat or from shore. It is also possible to operate inlet fishing for salmon.

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Fishing on Namdalskysten

The coast of Namdal – Namdalskysten – is the northernmost part of the Trøndelag coast, stretching from Flatanger in the south, via Namsos and Rørvik to Leka in the north. The coastline in Namdalen is known for good fishing, both in areas sheltered by islands and the more open sea.

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Safety at sea

It is important to focus on safety when going out to sea for fishing. Being informed about marine traffic laws and taking reservations, reduces the risk of accidents significantly.

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Useful tips for your fishing trip

In order to achieve the most successful fishing trip, it’s useful to read some tips and advices regarding what kind of rod you should use, how to tie a fishing knot and what kind of bait to use.

Here we have compiled some useful tips for your fishing trip.

Laws and regulations for fishing in the sea

When fishing in the sea, there are some rules you must adhere to, as the minimum size regulations, use of tools and so on. Many of the rules are specific to foreign tourists.

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Fish species

In the Trondheim Fjord and along the coast of Trøndelag in general there are a large number of fish species you can catch. Some are common, such as cod and Pollock, but hake, turbot and halibut are also among the species you may be lucky to catch.

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Easy Fish Recipes

It is always nice to cook your own food of fish you have just caught yourself. Depending on what kind of fish you have, you can fry it, boil it or bake it, or use it in a delicious fish soup.

Here are three recipes for simple but tasty fish dishes.