Deep-sea fishing and Fjord fishing

You will find excellent spots for deep-sea fishing and fjord fishing all along the coast of Trøndelag, either from the shore, in a hired boat or on a guided tour with a local guide.

Hitra and Frøya

To the south there’s Hitra and Frøya, an archipelago where isles and skerries create shelter from the elements and ensure good fishing conditions. Here you will find several excellent facilities where you can spend the night and hire a boat – and there’s a lot of fish there!

The Fosen peninsula

The Fosenhalvøya peninsula is the middle stretch along the coast of Trøndelag. The smaller number of isles and skerries there allows you quicker access to the open sea, thus increasing your chances of catching bigger fish. On the landward side of Fosen, the Trondheimsfjord stretches all the way up to Steinkjer. There are lots of fish in the entire fjord, and good conditions for fjord fishing from land or boat.

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The Namdal Coast

Farthest north we find the Namdal coast, stretching from Flatanger , via Namsos and Vikna to Leka farthest to the north. Thousands of islands provide shelter against the wind and weather, allowing for good, safe fishing. In the Namsenfjord you will find many of the commonest species like cod, saithe and redfish, but also some sea trout. The current halibut fishing record of 2.3 metres/158 kilos was set just off Leka, perhaps you will break it?

Various providers

Frosta Fjordbuer in the Trondheimsfjord

Angelamfi Grefsnesvågen at Hitra

Fjellvær Gjestegård at Hitra

Gurvikdal Deep Sea Fishing at Frøya

Sula Rorbuer at Frøya

Bessaker Liv & Røre in Roan at Fosen

Bakkan Wahl in Bjugn at Fosen

Rønsholmen Brygger at Ørland at Fosen

Leka Brygge at the Namdal Coast

Rørvik Rorbuer in Rørvik at the Namdal Coast

Løvøen Gjestegård in Rørvik at the Namdal Coast

Seter Brygge in Sætervik at the Namdal Coast

Hasvåg Fritid in Flatanger at the Namdal Coast


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Freshwater fishing in Trøndelag

For those who enjoy freshwater fishing, Trøndelag offers thousands of fishable lakes, many of which are known for their good fishing. Both those seeking a quick fishing trip near town, and those wishing to relax in the peace and quiet of the mountains, have a lot to choose from.

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Salmon fishing in Trøndelag

Ever since a number of English lords discovered Trøndelag in the 1800s, eager hobby anglers from all over Europe have come here to fish salmon. Rivers like the Namsen, Gaula, Orkla and Stjørdalselva have a nice ring to them in the ears of most salmon enthusiasts.

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