The Namdalen region stretches from Flatanger and Rørvik on the coast, via amongst other places Grong and Namsskogan, to Lierne and Røyrvik on the Swedish border.

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Sør-Gjæslingan is an abandoned fishing village in Vikna which has now become a listed cultural environment and tourist venue. The area includes about 80 islands, isles and skerries and lies outermost in the waters of Folda, fifty kilometres south-west of Rørvik.

Namsskogan Family Park

At Namsskogan Family Park the whole family will enjoy seeing animals and taking part in exciting activities. The Family Park is home to everything from the four major Norwegian predators, lynx, wolverine, wolf and bear, to alpacas, pygmy goats, ostriches, pheasants and rabbits. Among available activities we can recommend the zipline from Tøffingetårnet (Tough Guys Tower), the bumper boat pond, children’s mountain farm, the Alpine Racer simulator, the moon cars and the tractor track. Overnight accommodations are available at, for instance, Namsskogan Hotel, which is just across the road from the family park.

Salmon Fishing in the River Namsen

The River Namsen is renowned among salmon fishermen worldwide as one of the world’s best salmon rivers. A little less well-known is the fact that there are also many other excellent salmon rivers in the region, together with many good trout rivers and lakes.

Namsen Salmon Aquarium

Namsen Salmon Aquarium is situated in Grong, with the salmon river Namsen as next-door neighbour. Here you can see salmon and trout at close range. In the large aquarium you will normally see both big and small salmon and a sea trout or two. Only a pane of glass separates you from these kings of fish.

Rock City Namsos

Rock City in Namsos is both a national resource centre for pop and rock music and an experience centre presenting the history and stars of the Trønder Rock genre. On a visit to the experience centre at Rock City Namsos, you will become familiar with the beginnings of Namsos’ history as a city of rock music. Amongst other things, the centre features Hans Rotmo and his bedsit and Åge Aleksandersen’s writer’s retreat “Verdensrommet” (Outer Space).

Eagle Safaris in Flatanger

Photographers from all over the world come to Flatanger on the Namdal coast to join the eagle man, Ole Martin Dahle of Norway Nature, on a trip out to sea to photograph eagles. For many years, Dahle has been feeding the eagles with fish, so they know what to expect when he is out in his boat, and those who join him are therefore more or less guaranteed good photos of these mighty birds.

Climbing at Hanshelleren, Flatanger

The rock wall known as Hanshelleren is found in the borough of Strøm, Flatanger. It attracts international climbers and is described as one of the most unique natural climbing walls in the world. Several of the world’s best climbers have been here to bolt what has been described as one of the hardest climbing routes in the world.

Fishing on the Namdal Coast

The Namdal Coast is the northernmost stretch of the coast of Trøndelag, extending from Flatanger in the south, via Namsos and Rørvik, to Leka in the north. Off the coast of Rørvik there are over 6,000 isles and skerries, a fact which, together with relatively easy access to more open waters, makes the area ideal for sport fishing.

Kayaking and Diving at Bjørøya, Flatanger

With its innumerable isles and skerries, Flatanger is perfect for kayaking, canoeing and diving. You are at liberty to explore the area on your own, but should you require a guide you might wish to contact Folla Aktiv, a company that can take you on anything from climbing, diving and deep-sea rafting trips, to kayaking and island hopping.

Life in the Wilderness at Røyrvik and the Børgefjell National Park

Børgefjell National Park offers a wide range of sensory experiences. To the west you will find lofty peaks and deep valleys with cirque glaciers and mountain lakes, to the south there are a number of rapids and beautiful waterfalls, while the eastern parts feature more rounded mountain tops and extensive moorlands. If you are interested in hunting or trout fishing, Børgefjell offers a wealth of opportunity. You may also encounter arctic foxes in Børgefjell.

Destination Dærga, Børgefjell

Destination Dærga is an arena for the presentation of southern Sámi culture and traditions, where visitors can experience the life and work of the Sámi, both past and present.

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The following places are shown on the map below:

A: Røyrvik, the gateway to Børgefjell, B: Namsskogan Family Park, C: Namsen Salmon Aquarium, Grong, D: Rock City Namsos, E: Norway Nature – eagle safaris, F: Bjørøya, Flatanger, G: Rørvik, Vikna

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