The Værnes region is an important centre in Trøndelag and the region has much to offer in the way of nature, culture and history. See the film about the Værnes region here.

The Værnes region consists of Stjørdal, Meråker, Selbu and Tydal

This is what you see in the film about the Værnes region:

Steinvikholm Castle

Steinvikholm Castle is located at Skatval in the borough of Stjørdal, and was completed in 1532. The castle was both a defence installation and the residence of Archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson, and it acted as the final bastion of Catholicism in Norway before the Archbishop was forced into exile by the Reformation in 1537. Today, Steinvikholmen is best known as the venue for the midnight opera “Olav Engelbrektsson” which is performed every year in August. It is also worth noticing that Steinvikholm has its own brand of aquavit, Steinvikholm Aquavit, which was launched in 1999.

Salmon Fishing in the River Stjørdalselva

The River Stjørdalselva is known as an excellent salmon river, and together with its tributaries, the Forra and Sona, it is one of the most salmon abundant watercourses that flow into the Trondheimsfjord. From the estuary near Trondheim Airport Værnes, the river stretches 50 km eastwards towards the Swedish border. 35 km of the salmon abundant part of the river are located in the borough of Stjørdal, while the upper 15 km are in Meråker.

Climbing in Hell / Tønsåsen Hill

Hell is considered one of northern Europe’s best venues for hard and steep climbing. The climbing range is situated at an excellent location by the Trondheimsfjord, not far from Værnes Airport. It is on the northern side of Tønsåsen Hill and consists of a quite large and steep mountain face. Since the climbing range is on the shady side of Tønsåsen, it is well-suited to climbing on warm days.

Blues in Hell – Hell Blues Festival

The Blues in Hell festival takes place every year in September. There are national and international stars on the agenda, and strong emphasis is placed on the food served there. In 2010, Blues in Hell came in at second place in the “Best Small Festival” category in a poll concerning blues festivals in Europe.

The Opera “Olav Engelbrektsson” – Midnight Opera at Steinvikholm Castle

Every year in August you have the opportunity of enjoying a magical evening at Steinvikholm Castle. The opera “Olav Engelbrektsson” is one of the biggest outdoor performances in Scandinavia. With a script by Edvard Hoem, music by Henning Sommerro and 150 actors on stage, the opera recreates the dramatic power games revolving around the country’s top political and religious positions, with Archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson as the main character.

Hegra Fort

Hegra Fort was originally built as part of the country’s defences against Sweden after the dissolution of the Union in 1905. Its original name was Ingstadkleiven Fort. Work on the fortifications was begun in 1908 and completed in 1910. The fortifications are situated in scenic surroundings and include the fort itself and two smaller installations: Kleivplassen and Svartåsen. There is a museum and a cafeteria in the grounds, and guided tours are arranged during the summer.

Cross-country Horse Riding

In the Værnes region there are several companies that can take you riding in the countryside. Sitting on horseback is a wonderful experience, interacting with these large animals and enjoying all the impressions that come your way in the form of views, scents and sounds.



Overnight Accommodation in the Værnes Region

book_grWhen visiting the Værnes region you have a wide range of accommodations to choose from, including major conference hotels and smaller hotels, cabins, camp sites and farm accommodations.

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The following places are shown on the map below:
A: Steinvikholm Castle, Skatval, B: The River Stjørdalselva, C: Tønsåsen, D: Hell, E: Hegra Fort.

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