The Innherred region consists of the boroughs of Levanger, Verdal, Inderøy and Steinkjer, and also has close associations with the Frosta peninsula and the historic island Tautra.

This is what you see in the film about Innherred:

The Golden Road (Den gyldne Omvei) in Inderøy

On the Golden Road in Inderøy you will find a wide range of small-scale food manufacturers offering everything from cheeses and meat to baking and beer.

The Golden Road (Den Gyldne Omvei) by bike

Inderøy_The Golden Detour_Gulburet_Photo: Innherred ReiselivThe Golden Road runs for the most part through beautiful cultural landscapes and is perfect for cycling. On the way you can visit the farm shops at Gulburet and Gangstad Cheese Factory. Gulburet also has an art gallery, and applied art and handicrafts are on sale there.

Øyna – on the roof of Inderøya

The ride up to Øyna, on the roof of Inderøya, follows a steep road and requires a bit of an effort if you choose to cycle all the way up, but when you get to the top it will all be worth it. Here you will find one of Trøndelag’s most distinctive eating places, and some of the most beautiful views that Trøndelag has to offer.

At Øyna you will be served local food for the most part, indeed 90% of the ingredients actually come from the seven boroughs you can see from the restaurant. Øyna is perfect for social events, and there is a Viking style longhouse there which is well-suited to such occasions. The whole family can also enjoy activities like football golf and frisbee golf.

Øyna at Inderøy, Innherred Region, view, Photo: Bård Svendsen/TRL

Pilgrimage on St. Olav’s Way: Munkeby

Pilgrimages are becoming more and more popular, and every year 12,000 nature-loving walkers make their way along the Pilgrim’s Route to Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Even though the motive for such walks from a historical point of view was predominantly religious, more and more people are now seeking out the traditional routes for recreation and nature experiences.

The Pilgrim Route known as St. Olav’ Way leads from Skalstugan in Sweden, via Stiklestad to Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. At Munkeby, just outside Levanger, lie the ruins of a monastery erected by Cistercian monks in the 1100s. In 1207, monks from the same Cistercian order returned to Munkeby and built a new monastery. Today, a number of monks live in the new Munkeby Monastery where they make the increasingly well-known Munkeby cheese.

Should you require overnight accommodation, you may find it at Munkeby Hostel where you can also buy Munkeby cheese and Munkeby beer.

Stiklestad National Culture Centre

Stiklestad National Culture Centre was opened in 1996 and is especially committed to the presentation of knowledge about Olav Haraldsson, the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030 and the chapters of Norwegian history and social development associated with Stiklestad and Olav the Holy.

Stiklestad Church

Stiklestad Church was built towards the end of the 1100s, and is said to have been erected on the very site where Olav Haraldsson fell during the Battle of Stiklestad on the 29th of July 1030. Pilgrims flocked here during the Middle Ages, and from the 1400s it became the main church in Verdalen. Daily guided tours are arranged all year round under the auspices of Stiklestad National Culture Centre.

Stiklastadir Mediaeval Longhouse at Stiklestad

The longhouse Stiklastadir at Stiklestad has a surface area of 270 square metres, and is 36 metres long and 7.5 metres tall. It has been erected in accordance with the old mediaeval building traditions. In the banqueting hall the chieftain, Kolbjørn Gunnarsson, can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Summer in Stiklestad– Viking for a Day

The mediaeval farm of Stiklastadir welcomes you to activities for the whole family during Summer in Stiklestad, daily from 22 June to 4 August. The children can get dressed up and be veritable Vikings for a day!

The Pageant of Olav the Holy

Every summer in July you can witness the retelling of the story of the dramatic Battle of Stiklestad in the Nordic Countries’ biggest outdoor amphitheatre. “The Pageant of Olav the Holy“ is performed on the very site of the battle itself, Stiklestad, where Olav Haraldsson fell in 1030. It takes place in an environment and a setting that can only be created by nature, history and capable actors. “The Pageant of Olav the Holy“ is a dramatization of events that took place on Sul farm during the days prior to the battle in 1030.

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The following places are shown on the map below:
Gangstad Gårdsysteri (farm and cheese factory), B: Gulburet, C: Øyna, D: Munkeby Monastery E: Stiklestad National Culture Centre.

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