Families with children visiting Trøndelag can choose from a wide range of fun activities.

Historical adventures, exciting challenges, ball games, bathing and rock theatre productions are just a few of the things families visiting Trøndelag can experience in the summer.

Summer in Stiklestad

In Stiklestad there are many exciting things for the whole family to take part in all through the summer. “Summer in Stiklestad” is arranged from June 25 to August 7. The adults can gain historical insight through markets, exhibitions and handicraft demonstrations, while the youngsters can play “The Battle of Stiklestad,” try their hands as archaeologists or join the exciting Travelling Theatre.

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Summer on a mountain farm in Leksvik and Mosvik

There are many visitor’s farms in Leksvik and Mosvik offering a variety of animals, activities, overnight accommodation, food and drink, local history, events and mountain farm tours. Among the activities you can take part in are idyllic walks, hunting, fishing, bathing, cycling and other outdoor activities.

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Namsskogan Family Park

Namsskogan Family Park is truly a park for the whole family. Both young and old can grasp their fear of heights, the feeling of speed and the fascination of meeting exciting animals. The Family Park is open from June 2 to August 28, and you can experience the exciting rock opera about Rebella Hex practically every day from June 30 to July 30.

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Doktortjønna Outdoor Park, Røros

Doktortjønna is just outside Røros town centre and is open this summer from June 25 to August 15. Here, the kids can enjoy themselves with, amongst other things, Elias the Boat, canoes, rowing boats, log floating in the lumber chute, insect hunting and building nesting boxes. The open air park also houses animals like hens and cows, and it is possible to borrow a fishing rod and go fishing in the tarn.

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Bekken Gård Farm, Hessdalen

At Bekken Gård Farm in Hessdalen the family can go horse riding in safe surroundings. If you haven’t tried horse riding before, perhaps a trip lasting from 2-3 hours or up to a whole day will be suitable. However, you can also go on longer rides of 3 day’s duration, visiting mountain farms in the local area and spending the nights there.

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Jørum Gård Farm, Grong

Horse riding weekends from Friday to Sunday and horse riding camp from Sunday to Friday are among activities arranged for the children at Jørum Gård Farm in Grong. While the children are well taken care of and busy with horse riding activities, the adults can enjoy the local countryside on outings of varying duration.

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Øynaparken Park, Inderøy

At Øynaparken the family can compete in putball, frisbee golf and minigolf. After the bout, you can satisfy your palate with local food of the best quality with ingredients from the 8 boroughs you can see when taking in the unique view from the park.

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Pirbadet Water Park, the Popular Science Centre (Vitensenteret) and Ringve

The Pirbadet Water Park and the Science Centre (Vitensenteret) in Trondheim city centre are popular attractions for the whole family, offering plenty of fun and scientific experiments.

From June 20 to August 21, children’s workshops are arranged at Ringve Musical History Museum, where they can make instruments like yoghurt pot guitars and carrot flutes. There are also special guided tours for the children, where they act like detectives and find secret letters.

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