Tydal is renowned in Norway for its numerous riding centres, a popular activity for tourists, day-trippers and locals. Enjoy a trek with beautiful Icelandic horses.

You can explore the Norwegian wilderness on foot or by ski, bike or sled. However, the best way to experience the rugged expanse of forest and mountains is undoubtedly on horseback.

Tydal – An Unspoilt Wilderness

Tydal is located between Trondheim and Røros, situated 260m above sea level. It offers relatively unspoilt areas of wilderness. On the journey there you will be drawn in by the huge birch and pine forests which opens up to incredible mountain scenery.

The Outdoor Life

Tydal is all about the outdoor life. This area has long been popular with hikers, skiers and fishermen as well as horse riders. Always keep an eye out for rare and not so rare local inhabitants. These include moose, grouse and other mountain birds and lemmings. Tydal offers cold but pristine mountain lakes for swimming in. Henfallet, the largest waterfall in the county at 90m, is one of many incredible waterfalls in the area. There are an abundance of mountain cabins for rental in the area or you can stay at the riding centres.

Riding Centres in Tydal

Dyrhaug Ridesenter offers various mountain trips during the summer months. It was here that Icelandic horses were first brought to Norway and riding became popular. Choose from various week long trips including riding through the rugged mountains into Sweden. Follow the pilgrim route on return from Sweden, enjoy a cosy night in mountain cabins, or visit local villages.

Patrusli Gaard offers over thirty years’ experience. Guests can choose from various summer riding programmes. Trek through the birch forests or venture further on into the mountains that border Norway and Sweden. Choose from a half day, full day or two day trek or longer, made by prior arrangement. Patrusli also offer riding camps and lessons, food and accommodation.

Stugudalshester – This farm has been offering lodging to hikers and tourists for over 100 years. The owners been working with Icelandic horses since 1990. They primarily breed Icelandic horses, but they also offer riding lessons whether it is your first time riding or you want to brush up your skills.

Majestic Icelandic Horses

Horseback riding with Dyrhaug Ridesenter in Tydal, Trøndelag, Photo: Bård Svendsen/TRLIcelandic horses are distinctly recognisable, often thought of as a pony due to their short stocky build. They are the only breed of horse in Iceland and the breed is heavily protected. However, Norwegians have long fallen for this majestic animal. Icelandic horses are chosen for riding treks in the mountains due to their easy-going temperament and kind nature. They are hardy in the mountains and have the endurance and ability to cover all types of terrain. After a trek in the mountains you will also develop a fondness for these sturdy and beautiful animals.

After embarking on a trek with one of the riding centres in Tydal, it will also become clear why the people of this region have such a fondness for Icelandic Horses. Whether you choose a trek in the forest, or a week-long trip into the mountains, you will leave in awe of the stunning scenery and some of the best riding in Europe.