On a biking holiday in Trøndelag you get the experiences at close range.

Biking Routes

Travelling by bike is a perfect starting point for great adventures in Trøndelag. The smells, the sounds and the weather are additional dimensions you would otherwise have missed. At a large number of locations in Trøndelag you find established cycling routes. Many of them stretch across large distances and take you over mountains and beautiful lakes or to the lovely coastal communities.

Island hopping

Island hopping by bike and ferry or express boat takes you close to nature and the experiences. Bicycles can be rented in many places, and using the bike and ferries, you can see large parts of the Trøndelag coastline, from Hitra and Frøya in the south, via the Fosen Peninsula to the Namdal Coast in the north.

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On solid ground

In the interior, both in mountains and lowlands, you find many beautiful cycling routes. Some of them go through urban areas and even through towns, while others go along forest roads and beautiful cultural landscape.

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