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The view may not be what you think about most while enjoying a delicious meal. The atmosphere around the meal is still quite a different story when you can gaze out on the cultural landscape, a calm fjord or an urban environment from above.

Tyholttårnet tower in Trondheim, Trøndelag, with Restaurant Egon Tårnet, Photo: Kjell Jøran Hansen - Flickr

Restaurant Egon, Tyholttårnet tower in Trondheim

This Egon restaurant is located 75 meters above the ground in the 124 meters high Tyholttårnet in Trondheim. From here you can see all of Trondheim.

During one hour the floor of the restaurant rotates 360 degrees, and while enjoying the food you get views across all of Trondheim, from the Trondheim fjord to the recreational area Bymarka.

Astrum Grill & Raw Bar, Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim

Astrum Grill & Raw Bar is the Skybar at the Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim. It serves local ingredients in dishes from the Nordic cuisine, inspired by American and Asian flavors.

From Astrum you have a fantastic view, including the island of Munkholmen and the center of Trondheim.

Rockheim Panorama, Trondheim

Rockheim Panorama in Trondheim, Trøndelag, Photo: Rockheim

Rockheim Panorama is located in the 5th floor of Rockheim – the national museum for pop and rock. The restaurant is surrounded by a terrace with views of the fjord and the city, and has a rocking menu prepared with care and creativity.

The restaurant is open during museum hours, and you can visit it without buying a ticket to the museum.

Lian Restaurant, Trondheim

Lian Restaurant in Trondheim, Trøndelag, Inge Johnsen, Photo: Lian Restaurant

The northernmost tram in the world, Gråkallbanen, takes you to Lian Restaurant, located in picturesque surroundings just outside Trondheim. Here you can enjoy local food from all over Norway, and to the views of Liansvannet and Bymarka.

Lian Restaurant offers a Sunday buffet from 12 to 18, generous and field trip friendly food Wednesdays 12-16, and otherwise accommodate groups by request.

Restaurant Kommandanten, Kristiansten Fortress in Trondheim

View from the Kristiansten Fortress in Trondheim, Photo: Kristian Vinkenes - Flickr

On a hill above the old town area Bakklandet you find Kristiansten Fortress, with the Restaurant Kommandanten. The menu offers food with some local ingredients such as scallops from Frøya and reindeer from Røros.

Though you do not exactly have a view of the city from the dining table, you do not need to move far until you have a great view of the Nidaros Cathedral and the center of Trondheim.

The Strandbaren beach bar, Stokkøya Sjøsenter in Åfjord

Åfjord_Stokkøya Sjøsenter_Strandbaren_Photo: Tom Gustavsen

The Strandbaren beach bar at Stokkøya Sjøsenter has established itself as one of the top restaurants in Trøndelag. The restaurant is situated next to what is perhaps the finest beach in all of central Norway, Hosnasand. Even if you do not have a view from the height here, it’s still an amazing experience to sit behind the bar`s big glass walls, or even outside on the terrace, when the sun sets.

The beach bar serves local cuisine including wonderful mussels and occasionally throws an acoustic concert on weekends.

Øyna, Inderøy at Innherred

View from Øyna at Inderøy, Innherred, Trøndelag, Photo: Bård Svendsen/TRL

Restaurant Øyna is situated on a height above the Sakshaug old church, and from here you can view the 7 municipalities, from where 90% of all food served in the restaurant origins.

After enjoying the food indoors, you can challenge your company in a round of putball or frisbee golf. Øyna is a certified ecotourism restaurant.

Toppen Restaurant, Oppdal

View from Toppen Restaurant in Oppdal Ski Resort, Oppdal, Trøndelag, Photo: Marius Rua

The toppen restaurant is built at the very top of Hovden Ski Resort in Oppdal. It offers a breathtaking view to the neighboring counties both to the west and south. Hovden Express cableway wagon brings you up to the restaurant in minutes. Toppen Restaurant serves good food, coffee and cakes 1125 meters above sea level.

The restaurant`s opening hours are the same as the Oppdal Ski Resort.

See video from Øyna in Inderøy

The map below shows the following locations:

A: Toppen Restaurant in Oppdal, B: Tyholttårnet in Trondheim, C: Stokkøya Sjøsenter in Åfjord, D: Øyna in Inderøy

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