Eagles and seals, a different kind of safari

Many people associate the word safari primarily with polar bears and musk oxen, at least in Norway. In Trøndelag, conditions are ideal for eagle and seal safaris. Large stocks and professional guides ensure great experiences. Both amateur and professional photographers regularly visit the region with just this in mind.Flatanger_Sea eagle on the coast of Trøndelag_Photo: Bo Mertz

The White-tailed Eagle (aka the Sea Eagle) – Lord of the Skies

It is difficult not to be spell-bound when a mighty white-tailed eagle sails silently overhead in search of its prey.

In the area around Sula, Bogøya and Maursund near Frøya, there is a large stock of nesting white-tailed eagles. One of the reasons for this dense population is that otters and sea eagles are found in the same area, and the eagles benefit from the remains of the fish that the otters leave behind.

In Flatanger on the coast of Namdal, you can join the famous eagle guide Ole Martin Dahle for some spectacular experiences.

See seals at close quarters

The commonest species of seals along the coast of Trøndelag are the common seal and the grey seal, but ringed seals and harp seals may also be seen here. While grey seals are timid and difficult to approach, common seals are more inquisitive, particularly the younger ones.

When the weather is fine, seals often lie sunning themselves on small rocks or skerries. The skipper knows where to find them and will take you as close as he can without disturbing the animals. Froan Nature Reserve is known worldwide for its large stocks of seals, particularly grey seals.

The Journey

To get to Frøya and the islands of Sula, Mausund and Bogøya, you can either catch the Kystekspressen coastal express boat from Trondheim, or drive along the FV 714 via Orkanger south of Trondheim.

To get to Flatanger, you turn off the FV 17 at Sjoåsen, between Steinkjer and Namsos.