Panting and with tongues flapping, six dogs race up the hill. Your heart pounds at the break-neck speed and at the same time you find yourself wanting more.

The dogs know what to do

Try it once and you definitely want to do it again. That’s a promise. Initially you’ll probably feel that your relationship with the dogs is distant. The dogs are restless and don’t like being still. They love going out on trips and when people approach the kennel they know what to expect.

Your place in the hierarchy

The dogs almost seem to smile when you appear with the harness that lines them up and enables them to pull you through the frozen landscape at a speed you can only imagine in your dreams, or nightmares. The lead dogs are calm, not easily excitable. They have been chosen because of their temperament and they know that the real boss is the driver of the sled.

… and away we go

It’s virtually impossible to rein in the dogs when the first sled starts moving away from the kennels into the countryside. Your place at the top of the hierarchy may not seem fully ensured at this point, but the dogs will take you to where you’re going, they’ve done this before. At first, you’ll have a full-time job just holding on, but once you find your balance and feel comfortable with how the dogs move you will start to enjoy this fantastic natural adventure.

Brief rest stop or overnight stay

You have a choice of spending the night outdoors or just stop for a filling meal before returning to the kennel. Whether you want a long or short trip, at high or low speed, the experienced dog owners will tailor the trip to your wishes.

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