With its wide range of local food manufacturers and high quality restaurants, Trøndelag can rightfully be called a culinary region.

Food is becoming an increasingly important part of the travel experience, and we provide you with tips on some of the culinary adventures you should try in Trøndelag.

Hitra Gårdsmat Farm Food – Norway’s best cheese factory?

Did you know that Grotteost, one of Norway’s best cheeses, is made by Hitra Gårdsmat on the coast of Trøndelag? On the island of Helgebostadøya in Hitra you can pay a visit the cows that provide the milk for the cheese factory, have a look in the unique cave (grotte) where the cheese is stored, have a first class cheese meal at the Oppløftet Restaurant (for groups of over 10 persons) and buy your favourite cheeses to take home with you. When you have a meal here, you can rest assured that everything from fruit squash and tea to jam, bread, crispbread and other trimmings are home-made. Your hostess, Bodil, is worth a visit in her own right, with her enthusiastic stories and delightful personality. Read more about the products, history and activities at Hitra Gårdsmat.

Ørlandet Kysthotell (coastal hotel) in Brekstad – A Taste of the Coast

The coastal hotel in Brekstad bears the “Taste of the Coast” seal of quality, which at present is reserved for no more than 43 restaurants. So, if you have a meal at the coastal hotel in Brekstad, you can expect to be served outstanding seafood. With focus on quality and menu development, the coastal hotel seeks to offer its guests that little extra something, whether they wish to spend the night, or come from near or far simply to have a good meal. Read more about the coastal hotel, Kysthotellet, in Brekstad, A Taste of the Coast and other adventures in the vicinity of Brekstad.

The Golden Road (Den Gyldne Omvei) – for those who love food, art and tranquillity

Along the Golden Road (Den Gyldne Omvei) at Inderøy in Innherred, you will find food made from local ingredients and sold at farm shops and restaurants – everything from bread and exclusive conserves, to processed meats like ham and sausages. The local brewery, Inderøy Gårdsbryggeri, offers no less than 10 kinds of beer and is open to the public on Saturdays. A drive through the beautiful cultural landscape in Inderøy offers many surprises, and perhaps you will find your next favourite taste just around the corner?
Read more about food manufacturers, restaurants and other activities along the Golden Road (Den Gyldne Omvei).

Trøndersk Food Festival, Trondheim, July 31st – August 2nd

Every year in July the Trøndersk Food Festival is arranged, and over 80 food manufacturers from all over the region come to Trondheim to present their businesses, serve delicious meals, sell their produce and have a pleasant chat with festival visitors. On the agenda we also find a meeting with The Flying Culinary Circus, activities for the children and the ever-popular herring buffet, where free herring is served to 10,000 people.
Read more about culinary adventures at the Trøndersk Food Festival in Trondheim.

Strandbaren Bar, Stokkøya Sjøsenter

The Stokkøya Sjøsenter seaside centre and its fantastic Strandbaren bar serve some of the best seafood available in Trøndelag. Mussels, scampi, halibut and monkfish are just some of the regular highlights on the menu, which is composed together with what other ingredients the cooks have at their disposal. Lamb and wild mutton are also regular items on the menu, and you can choose from a range of starters, main courses and desserts. The unique Strandbaren bar is beautifully situated near a 400 m long beach, and the sunset that you can enjoy through the expansive panorama windows is practically unbeatable.
Read more about the Strandbaren bar, seafood and other activities at Stokkøya Sjøsenter.

Vertshuset Røros (The Røros Inn) – first rate local fare

The Røros region is a power hub for locally produced food, and the Røros Inn emerges as one of the spearheads of culinary culture in Røros.  With tastes from the mountains, plains, woods and sea, you have plenty to choose from when having your next meal at the Røros Inn – whether it is from the snack menu, the extensive á la carte menu, or the reception menu. Read more about local fare and overnight accommodation at the Røros Inn (Vertshuset Røros).

Kongsvold Fjeldstue mountain lodge – historical surroundings

At Kongsvold Fjeldstue at the foot of the Dovrefjell mountains, you may not only stay in luxurious surroundings, but also eat “luxurious” food. We offer food based on local ingredients and served in a historical setting. The main ingredients may be reindeer, mountain trout, moose or hart, but if you are lucky, you may also have the opportunity of enjoying an exclusive musk ox carpaccio, which we guarantee will be the highlight of the evening. Kongsvold also has several hundred years of experience as overnight accommodations for pilgrims making their way to Trondheim and Nidaros Cathedral. Read more about history, culinary adventures and overnight accommodation at Kongsvold Fjeldstue mountain lodge (Google Translate).

Scandic Nidelven in Trondheim – best breakfast 10 years in a row

The breakfast you will be served at Scandic Nidelven Hotel in Trondheim has been voted Norway’s best hotel breakfast ten years in a row. Aside from an unusually wide range of local ingredients, part of what is so unique is that the chefs stand in the restaurant itself and prepare omelettes and cheese platters to suit your taste. The “ordinary” menu at Scandic Nidelven also maintains a high standard, and you can compose your own meal on the basis of an original 8 course menu. Read more about Norway’s best hotel breakfast and other culinary adventures at Scandic Nidelven in Trondheim.

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