The Coastal Route (Kystriksveien) stretches the 650 kilometers from Steinkjer on Innherred to Bodø in Nordland.

Along the road 12,000 islands awaits you, and even more experiences.

Coastal Route from Steinkjer to Bodø

Kystriksveien from Steinkjer to Bodø is by many called the world’s most beautiful tourist route. The tour offers great experiences, like island hopping and fishing, both for those travelling by car, and not least those who choose to travel by bike. Along the route you will meet many famous attractions, easily accessible, located as beads on a string.

Nature attractions along the route

Tourists who have run Kystriksveien are very likely to come back, and then they often pay visits to the many islands along the route. Visit Leka to experience the island`s fascinating geology, Lovund to see the rare puffins, or Vega which is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The islands are many and various.

Kystriksveien stretches over 650 km, and a number of ferries bind the road together. Driving from Steinkjer to Bodø doesn`t necessary take more than two days, but for every day extra, the surroundings surprise you with new and exciting experiences.

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