You are hereby invited to an exhibition on land and a boat ride bringing you in close contact with nature and modern aquaculture.

First Act: A viewing on land

The first act is part of the permanent exhibition entitled “The land and the great ocean beyond” at the Norveg coastal culture centre in Rørvik, where the history and significance of the aquaculture industry are on display. The fish farming industry creates important jobs along the coast, but even more impressive is Norway’s important role as food supplier on the international market. The aquaculture exhibition opens in June 2013.

Second Act: A boat ride

Many visitors to the coast of Namdalen want to experience the sea and the isles and skerries at close range. SalmoNor’s new fast and comfortable boat takes passengers out to the sea-based installations to show them a modern fish farm at full capacity.

The boat ride out to the installations at Bondøya or Risværgalten is an experience in its own right, sailing among the isles and skerries and beautiful scenery. Even though the weather on the Namdal coast is variable, a trip out to sea is always an exotic experience. Don’t forget your camera!

The wealth of industrial activity along the shipping lanes provide a good indication of the importance of aquaculture in the area, and your onboard guide has lots to tell you. And you can ask questions, too ..

The Third Act: A viewing at the sea-based installations

Both sea-based installations, Bondøya and Risværgalten, are modern, large-scale sea farms with facilities specially adapted to accommodate visits by the general public. SalmoNor has been producing salmon at these facilities for many years. The key is to team up with nature and to make use of the natural surroundings in order to obtain optimum conditions for the salmon.

At the sea-based installations you will be welcomed by the salmon technician and will have the opportunity of going down to the edge of the pen. In this way you will have close contact with life on the salmon farm and the thousands of salmon swimming in the sea beneath you. The salmon technician will tell you about salmon farming and will be happy to answer your questions. Perhaps you will also be able to hand-feed the salmon?

On the way back to the quay in Rørvik, you will have the opportunity of digesting your experiences, taking more pictures, and simply enjoying the scenery. The boat ride starts and ends on Norveg’s floating jetty. Why not finish off with lunch or dinner at Restaurant Norveg, where the chef has composed a menu inspired by local coastal culture and local ingredients.

For further details and booking, see Norveg coastal culture centre in Rørvik.