The countryside changes dramatically, but the people stay the same: everywhere they are warm, unrestrained and great fun to be with.

World-class fishing sites

Hitra/Frøya is perhaps the most famous area for sea-fishing in Trøndelag, but the fishing is undoubtedly equally good further north along the coast. Both the Fosen peninsula and Namdalen have great coastlines where you can go sea-fishing virtually anywhere.

Explore the coast

A journey along the Trøndelag coastline will give you plenty of stories to tell when you get back home. You will be close to nature and powerful natural forces, but comfort and relaxation will always take centre stage. Visit the islands of Hitra and Frøya, the Fosen peninsula and the Namdal coastline, before taking Kystriksveien, The Coastal Route up to Bodø. It is a journey that makes for some unforgettable experiences.

Vibrant fishing villages

Many vibrant fishing villages maintain the atmosphere and traditions of former times. You can rent a boat, fishing equipment and a charming fisherman’s cottage restored to a high standard. Along the Trøndelag coastline there is a lack of inhibitions and a welcoming spirit that will make you feel at home almost immediately. The down side is that when you leave, you might feel quite “home”-sick!