Bakklandet is popular among residents, students and visitors to Trondheim. Here you will find excellent shopping, a great atmosphere and delicious food.

The road runs through Lykkens Portal, the Gateway to Happiness

The most common and most popular way to enter idyllic Bakklandet, is to go via the iconic Old City Bridge (Gamle Bybro), or the Gateway to Happiness (Lykkens Portal), as it is also known, which also crosses the River Nidelven from the south end of the Kjøpmannsgata street.

Modern life in the old part of town

Restaurants and cafes with outdoor service, parks and recreational areas, and one or two exciting designer boutique. These are some of the things that await you when safely across the bridge. Students, locals and businessmen are united side by side, while enjoying their sushi, tapas or bistro meals and drinking beers from all over the world – including a wide assortment from Trøndelag / Central Norway. In July, the urban district’s own mini-festival, Bakklandsdagene, is arranged, and includes concerts, a market fair and exhibitions. In Bakklandet, or more precisely in Brubakken, you will also find the world’s first bicycle lift, Trampe. If you don’t have a bicycle yourself, it is entertaining enough watching the many tourists trying to get up the hill with the help of Trampe, with varying degrees of success.

Lots of History to tell

Bakklandet was first inhabited in the early 1600s. The city centre had grown beyond its limits, and the need to build on the other side of the River Nidelven arose. Bakklandet became Trondheim’s first suburb. Several city fires and two Swedish sieges put Bakklandets existence to the test. After the final siege in 1718, when Bakklandet was razed to the ground as part of the defence of Trondheim, the suburb was quickly rebuilt, and today it is important to the people of Trondheim to preserve this impressive and compact part of the city and all its small wooden houses, riverside warehouses and cobbled streets.

Cafes Dromedar Coffee Bar, 3, Nedre Bakklandet and 77, Nedre Bakklandet Cafe Soil, 20D, Nedre Bakklandet.

Restaurants and bars Baklandet Skydsstation, 33, Øvre Bakklandet Kalas & Canasta, 5, Nedre Bakklandet Folk og Fe, 6, Nedre Bakklandet, Antikvariatet, 4, Nedre Bakklandet, Taps, 20D Nedre Bakklandet

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