Autumn is the season when the population splits into two groups: the ones who like outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and hiking, and the ones who seek out creature comforts, often in the city.

Trøndelag has seven national parks for nature lovers to explore, but if you would prefer to stay indoors, there are also plenty of things to do.

Tent and canoe trip on Lake Femunden

Norway’s second largest natural lake is a paradise for outdoors enthusiasts, particularly if you like spending time on and by the water. Hire a canoe, bring a fishing rod and a bucket for berry picking, and recharge your batteries. The lake is situated by the beautiful Femundsmarka national park.

Trail riding in Røyrvik

The mountain village of Røyrvik is surrounded by natural attractions on all sides. Riding on horseback is a great way to experience some of what the region has to offer. Visit Børgefjell offer trips that last from half a day to three days, with food and a guide included if you need it. Accommodation is either in cabins or in your own tents.

Combining hiking with other activities

The autumn is often the season when hikers choose to explore our many wonderful outdoor areas. Hiking can also be combined with berry or mushroom picking, or even hunting. In Trøndelag there are seven national parks for you to explore.

Cosy autumn comforts in the city

When it starts to get cold and miserable outside, it’s nice to stay warm and cosy indoors. At Oppdal you can try curling, and there are also bowling alleys throughout the region. Heading to a café with good friends is another good option. If you sit by the window, you can watch the world go by for free.

Museums are another place where you can escape the autumn weather. Exhibitions of all kinds of art and handicrafts can be interesting and educational, and maybe you will come across a gift for yourself?