Vollan gård. Copyright: opplevtynset.no
Vollan gård. Copyright: Tynset kommune
Vollan Museum og Nasjonalparksenter. Copyright: kvikne.no

Kvikne National park center


Kvikne National Park Centre is situated in what used to be the cowshed. Here you will find information and exhibitions connected to the national parks and protected areas on both sides of the valley. The farm at Vollan, has never been a farm typical of Kvikne and that is what makes it so interesting and exciting. The history of the farm at Vollan can be traced back to the start of the mining in Kvikne during the 1600's. The farm has been used among other things as a vicarage, and at its peak the farming land stretched about 20 km.


Kilde: Destinasjon Røros
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Vollan gård
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