Did you know that so-called Line Aquavit has its origins in Trondheim, and that the first written account of aquavit originates from Steinvikholm Castle? Join us on a historical aquavit tour of Trøndelag.

Aquavit crosses the Equator

In 1805 the merchant Jørgen B. Lysholm of Trondheim filled his sailing ship, the “Trondhiems Prøve”, with spirits, clipfish and other commodities and sent it far afield to barter for other wares. Many goods were traded in Jakarta, Indonesia, but they could not manage to find a market for the spirits, which were consequently returned to Trondheim in 1807.

On returning to Trondheim, they discovered that the aquavit which had passed the Equator Line twice, had undergone a maturation process which resulted in a more complex and rounded flavour than was the case with the original spirits. In other words, “Line Aquavit” had been “invented”.

The first written account of aquavit is associated with Archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson of Nidaros, so there is no doubt whatsoever that aquavit has had a strong position in Trøndelag for several hundred years.

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A round trip on the Aquavit trail

There are a number of bars, inns and public houses in Trøndelag with a special interest in aquavit, and it is possible to go on a historic round trip on the aquavit trail. On the way, you can try everything from Norsk Aquavitbar No.1 to local aquavit distillers, eating places with a special interest in aquavit and historical places associated with the history of aquavit.

Aquavit in Trondheim

  • To Rom og Kjøkken: One of Trondheim’s very best restaurants, with strong focus on ingredients from Trøndelag, naturally serves aquavit and even has a dedicated Aquavit Menu.
  • Baklandet Skydsstation: A small, idyllic eating place, in the old part of Trondheim known as Bakklandet, serves home-made traditional fare with the appropriate aquavit.
  • Lian restaurant: Places emphasis on local food and drink and also has a wide range of aquavits on the menu.

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Aquavit at Steinvikholm Castle, Skatval

To be sure, you cannot buy aquavit at mighty and beautiful Steinvikholm Castle, but Steinvikholm is nonetheless of interest to those who are partial to aquavit. The fact is that Olav Engelbrektsson, Norway’s last archbishop, took part in what is considered the very first written exchange about aquavit, and has also been attributed the honour of being the first to use the spirit for medicinal purposes in Norway. As a result, Steinvikholmen Aquavit was produced, starting in 2003.

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Aquavit in Frosta

  • Klostergården in Tautra: A distinctive eating place adjacent to the ruins of the first Maria Monastery in Tautra, built in 1207. Serves traditional fare together with Tautra’s own aquavit – a wee “Tautra” dram – and also serves several home-brewed beers.

Aquavit in Innherred

  • Husfrua in Inderøy: Offers samples of various aquavits, often combined with the tasting of beers from the local brewery, Inderøy Gårdsbryggeri.
  • Jægtvolden Fjordhotell: Has an impressive collection of Norwegian and Scandinavian aquavits in its cellar. Also arranges visits to the distillery, Sundnes Brenneri, which produces sprits from potatoes that are used in the making of aquavit, including Sundnæs Aquavit.
  • Øyna: Restaurant situated on a magnificent plateau and vantage point above old Sakshaug Church. Serves local fare and 90% of the ingredients are from the 7 boroughs that can be seen from the restaurant.
  • Stiklestad National Culture Centre: No historical tour of Trøndelag is complete without a visit to Stiklestad National Culture Centre, where you can stroll around in historical surroundings. If the time is right, you may be able to have a mediaeval meal in the longhouse, Stiklastadir, and perhaps enjoy an aquavit with it?

Husfrua, Jægtvolden and Øyna are part of The Golden Route (Den Gyldne Omvei) in Inderøy.

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Visit Trondheim offers groups the possibility of embarking upon a customised aquavit-themed trip. Please contact Lisbeth Fallan at lisbeth@visittrondheim.no for more information.