Book Central Norway is the legal online booking partner of, Trøndelag’s official travel portal, together with a number of other online tourism portals in the county of Trøndelag. Book Central Norway AS is not a travel agency. It is a distributor of a wide range of travel products.

Book Central Norway does not own or run its own travel portal. Book Central Norway AS is a company owned by travel and tourism companies in the county of Trøndelag, specializing in online booking/reservations at travel portals like and certain destination portals in this part of the country.

For those travelling to and in Trøndelag, Book Central Norway offers an online booking system, by means of the channels where we are represented, allowing you to conveniently search for and book travel products in the region.

Should you have any questions regarding your reservations, please contact us by email: or send a letter to

Book Central Norway AS, Nordre gate 11, N-7011 Trondheim. (Norwegian Business Enterprises register 897.034.662)

Should you wish to make general enquiries about your trip to Trøndelag, please contact the relevant local tourist information centres.