Gamle Bybro. Copyright: Tom Gustavsen
Gamle Bybro. Copyright: Innovasjon Norge
Gamle Bybro. Copyright: Katrine Loraas
Gamle Bybro. Copyright: Tina Elizabeth Thomsen
Gamle Bybro. Copyright: TOBB

The Old Town Bridge (Gamle Bybro)

Gamle Bybro - The Old Town Bridge - was first built on this site in 1681. At the same time, Kristiansten Fort was under construction. A sentry and excise house stood at either end of the bridge. The excise house on the west side is still standing and is in use as a kindergarten. The bridge and gates as they now stand were built in 1861 by Carl Adolf Dahl, the municipal officer in charge of public buildings and works.
<br><br>Foto: Jøran Wærdahl Kilde: Visit Trondheim AS
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