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Historical adventures in Trøndelag

In Central Norway / Trøndelag many exciting adventures are closely linked to historical events. You will have to make choices.

Summer evening at Bakklandet, the old part of Trondheim, Trøndelag, Photo: Søderholm/Steen - Trøndelag Tourist Board

Bakklandet – the Old City of Trondheim

Bakklandet is popular among residents, students and visitors to Trondheim. Here you will find excellent shopping, a great atmosphere and delicious food.

Erzscheidergården Hotel, Destination Røros, Photo: Tom Gustavsen

Overnight Accommodation in Røros – five tips

With its historical atmosphere and many attractions, Røros is a fascinating destination. Here are a few tips on what to see and do, and where to spend the night in Røros.

Destination Røros_Dog sledding in winter_Photo: Arne Tønset

Dog-sledding in whirling snow

Dog-sledding in Trøndelag’s winter landscape is an unmissable experience.

Dokkhuset consert venue and restaurant at Solsiden in Trondheim, Trøndelag, Photo: Steen/Søderholm - Trøndelag Tourist Board

Enjoy Trondheim like the Locals do

What attractions do the inhabitants of Trondheim enjoy? Here you will find a list of some of them, allowing you to enjoy Trondheim like the locals do.

Convent ruins at the island Tautra in the Trondheimfjord, Trøndelag, Photo: Runa Eggen

Heavenly Tautra

The island of Tautra, in the Trondheimsfjord, has a lot of history to unfold. Here you find the ruins of a convent dating back to 1207, the new Maria Convent built in 2006 and the Klostergården, offering rooms, restaurant and a farm shop.

The old wharves by the river Nidelva in Trondheim in Trøndelag house shops, restaurants and more, Photo: Jan Ove Iversen, www.overpari.no

Dining along the River Nidelven in Trondheim

The River Nidelven meanders its way through Trondheim, and in the warehouses along the river you can enjoy good food and drink.

This is Trøndelag


  • Trondheim Region

    Norway’s historical capital has played a central role in the nation’s history.

  • Røros Region

    The Røros region is known for its world heritage site and the beautiful nature.

  • Oppdal Region

    Few destinations have so many activities to offer the year around as Oppdal region.

  • Værnes Region

    The Værnes region stretches from Tydal to Stjørdal.

  • Innherred Region

    The Innherred region is home to numerous historical sights and cultural and natural adventures.

  • Namdal Region

    There are few places where the distance between the Norwegian coast and the Swedish forest is as short as in Namdalen.

  • CoastalNorway

    The south-coast of Trøndelag is diverse and beautiful.

  • The Coastal Route

    he Coastal Route stretches from Steinkjer to Bodø.

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