Northern lights can be part of the experience in the mountains surrounding Oppdal in Trøndelag, Norway, Photo: Sigbjørn Frengen

Skiing or snowshoeing in the Oppdal mountains

The mountains around Oppdal are ideal for both skiing and snowshoeing. Here you can experience ice fishing, grouse, musk oxes and sleep in a snow cave.

Værnes Region, Steinvikholm Castle, Steinvikholm Aquavit, Photo: Runa Eggen

Aquavit – Norwegian culture at its best

In Norway, the first written account of spirits flavoured with spices, or aquavit, is associated with archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson of Nidaros.

Innherred region_Munkeby Monastery close to Levanger_Pilgrimage_Photo: Runa Eggen

The Pilgrim’s Route – a fresh approach

There are no rules to say that the Pilgrim’s Route has to be followed in the direction of Nidaros Cathedral. Obviously, this is what they did before, but a new, modern approach might involve doing it in the opposite direction.

Oppdal_Dovrefjell national park_Musk ox safari_Photo: Jens Peder Løkke

Musk ox safari on Dovrefjell

Watching the musk ox from close range can make any and all both fascinated and humble.

Nice catch on a guided ice fishing trip at Oppdal in Trøndelag, Norway, Photo: Sigbjørn Frengen

Ice fishing with a guide at Oppdal

Ice Fishing at Oppdal is a great activity throughout the winter. With a guide that shows you the best lakes, chances of catching trout and char are great.

Sleigh ride in Røros in Trøndelag, Photo: Morten Brun for Røros Hotell

Magical Sleigh Rides at Røros

Røros is one of the highlights of Trøndelag and a must see destination for any visitor to the area. Travelling through the town in wintertime in the back of a sleigh is like taking a step back in time.

Frozen, Photo: (C) 2013 Disney

Disney`s “Frozen” inspired by Trøndelag / Central Norway

This year's big family film from Disney is the winter film "Frozen". Several scenes in the film are inspired by people and attractions in Trøndelag.

This is Trøndelag


  • Trondheim Region

    Norway’s historical capital has played a central role in the nation’s history.

  • Røros Region

    The Røros region is known for its world heritage site and the beautiful nature.

  • Oppdal Region

    Few destinations have so many activities to offer the year around as Oppdal region.

  • Værnes Region

    The Værnes region stretches from Tydal to Stjørdal.

  • Innherred Region

    The Innherred region is home to numerous historical sights and cultural and natural adventures.

  • Namdal Region

    There are few places where the distance between the Norwegian coast and the Swedish forest is as short as in Namdalen.

  • CoastalNorway

    The south-coast of Trøndelag is diverse and beautiful.

  • The Coastal Route

    he Coastal Route stretches from Steinkjer to Bodø.

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